Translation of sobriety in Spanish:


seriedad, n.

Pronunciation /səˈbraɪədi//səˈbrʌɪəti/


  • 1

    (seriousness, gravity)
    seriedad feminine
    sensatez feminine
    • Its proclamation requires sobriety and seriousness, for it relates to the realities of the Lord's own presence and the judgement to come.
    • But there was also another layer of culture that was the character of Roman life with the accent on sobriety and order.
    • Speculative, whimsical thoughts are not compatible with the sobriety required by most issuers of credit.
    • At no stage have we shown, or sought to show, any competence, insight, initiative, wit, sobriety, sincerity or indeed any capability at all.
    • Judging from the tone of their utterances, the women and men who argued for respectability and sobriety sincerely believed what they said.
    • There is a fine line between maturity, sobriety and patience, and indifference, alienation and disgust.
    • The home is the foundation of sanity and sobriety; it is the indispensable condition of continuity; its health determines the health of society.
    • What they offer, instead, is sanity and sobriety.
    • Everything was done to make us throw away sobriety of thought and calmness of judgment and to inflate all expressions with sensational epithets and turgid phrases.
    • A survey by Channel 4 revealed a surprising degree of sobriety and principles among the nation's youth.
    • We would see a new age of sobriety in the arts, and cinema and TV, especially in the US, which would reflect reinvigorated family values such as family and patriotism.
    • The islanders had the physical sturdiness, the sobriety, the practical skills and the independence of mind to cope with life in remote places.
    • Stewart suggests using the photo to strengthen credibility by favoring sobriety over glitz.
    • As they have been realised, the dreams themselves have assumed a peculiar character of sobriety, of the spirit of positivism, and beyond that, of boredom.
    • The director Marc Forster's film takes exuberant leaps from the sensible adult sobriety of Edwardian London to the fantasy world of Neverland and back again.
    • It was a day when she forgot her own rule about sobriety and seriousness and they both had laughed so.
    • You feel more inclined to take the safe option, more inclined towards sobriety than excess, more likely to settle for the sensible and the pragmatic.
    • At one time the BBC was renowned for its standards and sobriety, indeed, much of its worldwide eminence sprang from its coverage of great royal events.
    • It also indicates whether or not the person is endowed with wisdom, sobriety and calm.
    • It is difficult to review this interview without the greatest sadness and sobriety given recent events.
  • 2

    (of decor)
    sobriedad feminine
  • 3

    (not being drunk)
    sobriety test prueba del alcohol / de la alcoholemia feminine
    • My reasons tend to vary according to my mood and level of sobriety.
    • He's a teetotal, drug-free vegetarian, passionate about sobriety and the focus it has given his life and career.
    • The officer commonly asks the driver to walk in a straight line, recite the alphabet, stand on one leg and count to five, close their eyes and touch the tip of their nose to test their sobriety.
    • A doctor said, anything is possible in recovery, in sobriety.
    • Treatment has only one goal: sobriety or total abstinence from alcohol or the abused substance.
    • His first album since 1996 reflects his new-found sobriety, its country-rock sound revealing that his melodic sense is happily undimmed.
    • ‘Right now, my sobriety is the most important thing in my life because everything stems from that,’ he says.
    • Yet in his new-found sobriety there was worse to come.
    • Today, when I look back on my years of sobriety and see how the Lord has changed me, I am happy and proud of who I have become.
    • If they're wrecked at work, especially if public safety relies on their sobriety, fire them and, perhaps, also prosecute.
    • We've never been into sobriety at all, I don't like playing sober.
    • I chose sobriety for once and spent the night sipping on water.
    • This was followed by a series of rapid texts establishing their respective levels of sobriety.
    • Coffee houses were a reflection of the emerging middle class, with its emphasis on discussion, exploration of ideas, sobriety and refined sociability.
    • After 23 years of sobriety, he also hit the bottle.
    • Though the book is narrated entirely in Hannah's voice, we only know as much as Hannah does at any given moment - a movable feast, dependent on her state of sobriety.
    • AA is solely concerned with the personal recovery and continued sobriety of individual alcoholics who turn to the fellowship for help.
    • For any recovering alcoholic, one of the biggest lessons of their sobriety is to learn how to have fun without alcohol in the bloodstream.
    • And we certainly have witnessed many people who have started to drink after years of sobriety and go downhill very, very quickly.
    • We told Betty that we loved her and we were going to help her and the net result was she believed us and as Steve said she's had 18 years of wonderful sobriety.