Translation of sociable in Spanish:


sociable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsəʊʃəb(ə)l//ˈsoʊʃəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (person) sociable
    come on, have a drink, just to be sociable vamos, tómate algo, para acompañarnos
    • to feel sociable estar expansivo / sociable
    • A typical teenager, John loved music, skateboarding and was sociable and outgoing and tried every activity.
    • A very sociable man, he had his own chair at his ‘local’ where he was appreciated as a raconteur of amusing and highly-embroidered stories.
    • He was always a gregarious and sociable person and loved to set up opportunities for people from all walks of life to come together.
    • There were several other men working in that lab and Olivia's heartfelt hope was that by associating with them, Arthur would begin to regain the sociable nature that had been such a key characteristic of his before he went off to war.
    • The late Mary, who was pre-deceased by her husband Jim, was a lovely sociable lady with a good sense of humour and a kind and generous spirit.
    • He described his mother as a friendly, active and sociable woman who had recovered from the death of her husband.
    • Steve was an outgoing and sociable man who was loved by all who met him.
    • Alex's sociable nature took a hold of him as soon as they stepped outdoors.
    • Davis has become sensitive to family life, but not so sensitive that it changes who he is, a lively, sociable sort who throws himself into everything.
    • I was a sociable child, and I picked up the language in no time.
    • He was a sociable guy who loved company and working with people.
    • Oliver was a very sociable character: everybody respected him.
    • A sociable man, there was nothing Peter enjoyed more than a ramble to the houses of his neighbours for a chat about old times.
    • You seem to be able communicate in a very friendly and sociable way, as if we were the closest of friends.
    • He was a friendly neighbour and sociable man, always with enough time to smoke a pipeful of good tobacco, or verse about the weather crops and things that affected the daily lives of people.
    • He was a quiet, pleasant, sociable man and he regularly walked dogs for his neighbours.
    • His remaining family described Mr Skelton as a sociable man, but whose life revolved around his house and the immediate vicinity.
    • We see the ‘good guy’ of the oligarchs, Vladimir Evtushenkov, as an accessible and sociable conversationalist.
    • Michelle was once very sociable, but friends have fallen away because she is constantly exhausted.
    • Blue, 41, was a sociable type, with a close circle of friends, many of whom were professionals: accountants, lawyers and businessmen he got to know as he sold them cars over the years.