Translation of social conscience in Spanish:

social conscience

conciencia social, n.


  • 1

    conciencia social feminine
    • This is a government with a social conscience and we are prepared to support real needs.
    • The knowledge which we produce belongs to the people from whom we learn it, and needs to be taken to them in order to entrench its value in the social conscience.
    • True to her social conscience, Edith has taken a new job working with less privileged children.
    • They have a social conscience and, in the rock star manner of John Lennon, use their fame to publicise their concerns.
    • He went on to describe the party as a centrist one that had a strong social conscience with one of its aims being to build up communities and strengthen families.
    • When one of our heroes falls from grace, it has an impact on the social conscience of the followers.
    • She had a very outgoing personality, coupled with a great social conscience, which endeared her to so many people.
    • He is a man obviously blessed with a social conscience.
    • A man with a deep social conscience, he gave unstintingly of his time in a voluntary capacity and was always there to help others in need.
    • She is interested in Social Care as it appeals to her sense of social conscience and will allow her to give something back to her community.
    • Collins is a woman with a strong social conscience, who despairs about the current obsession with materialism.
    • She admits to feeling compelled to make the most of every minute, an attitude she ascribes to being brought up in a family where the women were intelligent and well-educated and had finely tuned social consciences.
    • Dougherty has found a voice as a choreographer with a social conscience.
    • He also started writing songs, combining his sharp observations with a strong social conscience.
    • What is odd about him is the way he appears to combine a self-centred vanity with an acute social conscience.
    • The series is being promoted as entertainment with a social conscience, and I'm curious about the mix.
    • It's easy to give five, 10 or 20 bucks for the poor to satisfy your social conscience.
    • There was a time in the past when councillors carried out their duties with a social conscience and not how much they can make.
    • She has an ethic of caring for her peers and is turning outward to develop more of a social conscience.
    • Hunter believes that, like his hero Carnegie, being brought up in a deprived community has shaped his values and provided his social conscience.