Translation of societal in Spanish:


social, adj.

Pronunciation /səˈsʌɪɪt(ə)l//səˈsaɪədl/



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    • The level of social mobility is often used as an indicator of societal openness.
    • Each such crisis feeds off, and adds to, the erosion of public trust in societal institutions.
    • Maybe the psychiatrists can give an explanation to this societal behaviour.
    • Perhaps most interestingly, it found that their level of job commitment is no higher than the societal average.
    • She fought societal norms and wanted to provide a much needed service to women.
    • More often than not, societal changes are propelled by an established middle class.
    • It is important to consider the origin of the desire to conform to a societal image.
    • I will offer an illustration of the expression of differing levels of societal anxiety.
    • Due to societal pressures, women undergo all kinds of treatment to have a child.
    • She says the exhibit has harmful effects on societal attitudes towards violence.
    • We are not doing it in order to conform with societal norms or expectations.
    • We must change, on a societal level, our dependence and usage of fossil fuels.
    • People really do still feel societal pressure to marry, and this is quite separate from religious pressure to marry.
    • Temperance crusaders understood the societal problems that caused alcoholism.
    • The years have not changed my mind about education as a tool for societal change.
    • Media and societal pressure to achieve a slim body shape may fuel the guilty feelings people experience in relation to food.
    • He says there has been a sea change in the societal attitude to love marriages in the past 10 years.
    • He said today's youth were more depressed than in the past because of building societal pressures.
    • This is a societal issue about which every thinking person ought to be concerned.
    • To break the taboo against suicide would be a sure sign of societal breakdown.