Translation of soda cracker in Spanish:

soda cracker

galletita salada, n.



  • 1

    galletita salada feminine
    • Those of the former sort were formerly baked by a particular method which called for a dough leavened with bicarbonate of soda (hence the term ‘soda cracker’) and left to stand until pockets of carbon dioxide formed in the mixture.
    • Up until the day he retired, he could never again bring himself to eat even a single soda cracker in that office.
    • In addition to agreeing that they should come in immediately, they also offered the time honored wisdom of eating soda crackers upon rising in the morning.
    • Usually patients tend to gain weight because they habitually drink milk or eat soda crackers to get relief from the heartburn.
    • She called out for Andrew to get some clean clothes from Jessica's bag and some soda crackers.