Translation of soft-centered in Spanish:


con relleno blando, adj.

(British soft-centred)

Pronunciation /ˌsɒftˈsɛntəd/


  • 1

    (candies/chocolates) con relleno blando
    • As for dessert, the highest recommendation goes to the soft-centered chocolate cake with forest berry ice cream, pear purée and vanilla sauce.
    • Nine exquisite soft-centered chocolates make up this gourmet chocolate box.
    • Ryan cut himself a slice of the soft-centered meringue, and one for Ryder.
  • 2

    • If you wanted soft-centred sweetness, you are far more likely to find it in a mighty-muscled man driving a Hummer.
    • A rugged toughness, hiding a sometimes soft-centred vulnerability, a desire to be admired and liked, brings Bates back into football chairmanship.
    • The lives of the Celtic saints reveal a very robust spirituality, demonstrating forcefully that they were not soft-centred people, always making friends with paganism, or acting gently when there was need to be strong.
    • Neither has been endowed with much money, or education, and - like a chocolate assortment - while Laverne appears to be tough, she has a soft centre, and while Shirley appears to be soft-centred, she is tough.
    • But it would be quite wrong to conclude from her subject matter that she was a soft-centered, weak sentimentalist.
    • Detectives can be hard-boiled, soft-centred, scrambled - brained or gamekeepers turned poachers.