Translation of soft goods in Spanish:

soft goods

tejidos, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    tejidos masculine
    géneros textiles masculine
    • They've done that with High Definition, turning out fabric for clothing and other soft goods that has an almost photographic clarity.
    • ‘In the three years prior to Will's buyout, profitability in apparel was climbing,’ says Pete Gilmore, a vice president formerly in charge of soft goods.
    • Fungi are especially fond of building materials like sheetrock and wood, carpets, and enjoy soft goods such as furniture and clothes.
    • It is a departmentalized retail institution offering a large variety of hard and soft goods, including home furnishings, household linens and dry goods, and apparel and accessories for men, women and children.
    • The 60th annual Milan International Bicycle Show fulfilled expectations of beautiful Italian designs in bicycles, components and soft goods.
    • From her own personal funds, Her Majesty supplied weaving looms and materials to make fabrics, clothing and soft goods, as well as providing equipment to produce other marketable items.
    • Partnerships with large-scale ethnic distributors of hard and soft goods are in the works as well, according to Song.
    • Meanwhile, the apparel/non-apparel mix at the big sports properties has shifted enough so that some aren't concerned about flagging sales of soft goods.
    • Lipsey also learned that it was difficult for a wholesaler to sell in-stock athletic-related soft goods when fashion trends change.
    • Fung and his older brother Victor are the family's third generation to run the business, which handles both soft goods such as textiles and hard goods like toys, sporting equipment and household items.
    • The retail space ‘will be primarily gauged toward higher-end soft goods, apparel, home furnishings and service establishments like banks,’ Gulliford said.
    • Held at the cavernous San Diego Convention Center, the trade show was packed to the gills with all types of new products, soft goods, hard goods, and anything else that relates to the action sports world.
    • The full-service armorer could also provide the soft goods - plumes, scarves, velours, velvets and other materials - that would complete the knight's attire or event setting.