Translation of softball in Spanish:


softball, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɔf(t)ˌbɔl//ˈsɒf(t)bɔːl/


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    (especie de béisbol que se juega con pelota blanda) softball masculine
    • It was not until very recently that women participated in physical activities more strenuous than gymnastics, soccer, softball, and basketball.
    • The network will also cover baseball, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, hockey, wrestling, spring football and select high school football games.
    • Distance running was followed in injury frequency by gymnastics, basketball, soccer, track and field, softball, and tennis.
    • They teach Japanese language as well as Judo, Kendo, computer engineering, softball and baseball.
    • If space allows and the club has softball or soccer fields, the club can organize a league for children.
    • I'm off to visit my best friend and see his kids play baseball and softball, respectively, so there'll be nothing new until tomorrow at least.
    • The games of Little League baseball and softball are played on six continents in more than 100 countries by millions of children.
    • While she's a former athlete - she played softball, basketball and field hockey growing up - she never took jogs longer than an hour, even before her bout with melanoma.
    • He also photographs most of Auckland's representative sports teams including rugby, rugby league, netball, softball, boxing and cricket.
    • I'll be busy with softball and baseball all summer, but hopefully will have time to shoot some hoops with my boys as well.
    • Varsity softball and baseball are able, for the first time in college history, to practice and scrimmage outdoors and under lights in preparation for spring season.
    • As a youngster she played all the sports, especially basketball, track and field, and softball.
    • More men favor football, frisbee golf, table tennis, and golf, while more women prefer gymnastics, field hockey, and softball.
    • Most girls played softball, so finding baseball pitchers was often difficult.
    • Now we do free baseball / softball clinics with former Major Leaguers.
    • The Pattaya Softball Team would like to invite all for a Sunday afternoon game of slow pitch softball at the fields of Pattaya Sport Flying Club.
    • Women's softball and field hockey teams from China and Japan are scheduled to meet early in the games.
    • The history that Nava gave was that he was active physically, playing baseball, softball, slow pitch and later golf.
    • Action continues all weekend, culminating Sunday afternoon with the completion of athletics, along with baseball, softball and soccer.
    • Babe was an All-American basketball player for three years, and was a champion at tennis, diving, baseball and softball.