Translation of softwood in Spanish:


madera de coníferas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɔf(t)wʊd//ˈsɒf(t)wʊd/


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    madera de coníferas feminine
    • Thirty feet long, six feet wide in the beam, tapered at both bow and stern, it has a false keel of softwood that can easily be replaced if damaged in rough landings, a frequent occurrence.
    • Securing enough fibre for an Oriented Strand Board mill that will require over 900 000 cubic metres per year of hardwood and softwood is no easy task.
    • By 2016 the supply of softwood in Scotland will exceed 8.4 million cubic metres - a doubling of the existing harvest.
    • There are a number of products we need to make in both softwood and hardwoods, which complicates things, and makes cost control difficult.
    • British practice was to use softwood for the sleepers as it was easily obtained; it had to be treated with creosote or a similar preservative, but abroad hardwood was more commonly used, with a longer life and no preservative required.
    • Use seasoned hardwoods (elm, maple, oak) instead of softwoods (cedar, fir, pine) in woodburning stoves and fireplaces.
    • But America had abundant oak and softwood for hulls, tall timber for masts and spars - and resins to make critical naval stores like tar to protect standing rigging.
    • If the stairs are to be left exposed, select a clear hardwood or rugged softwood for both the treads and the risers - oak, cherry, and clear fir are common choices.
    • For floor construction the choice is between solid floors, which are timber through and through, and engineered floors, which have a top layer of hardwood mounted on cross laid softwood or on plywood.
    • If made from softwood, vineyard posts must be chemically treated to stop wood-rotting fungi.
    • All types of lumber, both hardwood and softwood, are sorted by quality during the milling process.
    • All bass necks are made from 4 x 2 planed softwood and should be painted black on one side and a sort-of vaguely off-white on the other.
    • We import 33 percent of the softwood we consume, much of it from old-growth forests in Canada and Siberia.
    • If you choose to use new stock from the lumber yard, both hardwoods and softwood are good choices.
    • The best decking is made of hardwood or pressure-treated softwood.
    • The two basic categories of wood used most often in woodworking projects are hardwood and softwood.
    • It's not the best place to look for sawlogs, so we're trying to send the processor in first to make sawlogs where they can from both hardwood and softwood.
    • The post and timber fence is not constructed in plywood, it is softwood.
    • You take softwood, dose it with industrial vinegar and give it the performance of a typical hardwood.
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    conífera feminine
    • And paper needs trees with strong fibres - cold-weather softwoods do best.
    • Instead, maintains Grams, we grow softwoods for short-term economic reasons, and import seven out of the eight million tonnes of timber used in construction annually.
    • PCP was widely used in the timber industry for years as a cheap treatment for sapstain, a fungal infection commonly found in softwoods such as pine.
    • Where there are mature softwoods mixed in these patches, they selectively harvest them, while trying to protect the younger regen.
    • In these areas, most of the forest softwood is now dead, creating openings in the once-dense evergreen canopy.
    • Most are tall, nondeciduous softwoods with pale smooth bark and foliage that's light, sparse, and usually blue-green.
    • My home in New Jersey was cleared of all trees in 1965… today it is replete with both hard- and softwoods as well as evergreens, thanks to family endeavors throughout the area.
    • We can get large softwoods out in the riparian zones or in mixed stands that you cannot reach with a harvester and a porter.
    • Among the white rot decay fungi, T. versicolor was not very aggressive against any of the softwoods, but produced some weight loss in pine and Metasequoia.
    • The feller buncher operator makes separate sorts for softwood and the major hardwood species, which are each chipped separately.
    • Plantations of introduced softwoods, particularly Radiata Pine, were established, often on abandoned agricultural land.
    • In the areas where, as a result of selecting other more valuable softwoods, fir was encouraged to increase, all practicable efforts should be made to reduce the amount of fir.
    • ‘Our mandate was to leave about 10 per cent of the softwoods and as much hardwood as possible in what was primarily mixed wood stands,’ explains Buckingham.
    • O'Connor wanted the club to purchase another 28 acres of dense forest, thick with softwoods and pines.
    • Mature larvae of the hide beetle, Dermestes maculatus, have the habit of boring into various hard surfaces to pupate, usually preferring softwoods.
    • The Kumaun and Garhwal hills of present-day Uttar Pradesh contain the best stands of softwood in the subcontinent.
    • In the Sikhote Alin, a forested range north of Vladivostok, I found mixed hard and softwood, rather small timber.
    • Two feller buncher teams remain on duty, but these chiefly harvest hardwoods as well as very small diameter softwoods.
    • Luckily for the forest industry, the country can grow hardwoods and softwoods in equal quantities and on a relatively short rotation basis.
    • Soil and climate were ideally suited for the faster growing softwoods and there was a national demand for more timber.