Translation of soil pipe in Spanish:

soil pipe

desagüe, n.



  • 1

    (del wáter) desagüe masculine
    • The only bit that is not quite finished is the seal for the soil pipe but luckily we can still use the toilet till we get one that fits - yet another trip to the plumbers merchant for the right bit.
    • Even if water is available, local authorities may ask you not to use flush toilets, wash basins, and other fixtures connected with soil pipes.
    • There is obvious evidence of damp penetration adjacent to the rear external wall including the junction of the cast iron soil pipe.
    • The most commonly used system in the UK is a single stack system whereby the wastewater and soil pipes are all connected to the same stack.
    • He said the last two car fires burned a soil pipe at the side of a house and residents had been unable to use the toilet.