Translation of solder in Spanish:


soldadura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsəʊldə//ˈsɒldə//ˈsɑdər/


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    soldadura feminine

transitive verb

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    soldered joint juntura soldada feminine
    • Almost any method of joining is applicable to aluminum: riveting, welding, brazing or soldering.
    • The ordinary grades of wrought zinc can be soldered easily by conventional methods.
    • Having undone the existing unit I discovered that the wires were soldered to the terminals.
    • Copper can also be welded, brazed and soldered satisfactorily.
    • Applying the soldering iron to the wires where they are soldered to the Centronics connector and pulling gently should be enough to undo the wires from the unwanted connector.
    • Cut a small sliver of the silver solder for each joint to be soldered.
    • Steph and Peter get down to the tricky business of soldering the widgets and gadgets that make up the complex technology inside the new digital studios.
    • I felt that a bond of trust was soldered between us.
    • The coils are soldered in series, such that the current rotates in opposite directions, between the left and right signal-out wires.
    • When some solder is applied to the pins previous to soldering the wires, the latter ones will connect more easy.
    • He said the technicians needed a week to repair the leaking pipe because they had to block it first from water inundation before soldering the leakages.
    • She thinks that a view through an electron microscope should provide the answers by showing the places in which they were soldered, but as the Zlatinitsa treasure shows, one can never be sure.
    • To prepare for the reinstallation, a traditional support system of saddle bars and copper tie wires were soldered onto each window panel.
    • The tape was soldered to the glass after the edge of the glass was coated with a film of copper to make it more receptive to the solder.
    • I have tied and soldered my own disc-brake mountain bike wheels for years now, and I notice a difference not only in lateral stiffness but especially in application of the disc brake.
    • ‘Yep,’ he said as he soldered a wire onto a circuit board that was attached to a box of gears.
    • These joining methods may include welding, brazing, soldering, riveting, or bolting.
    • In addition, they can be joined by brazing and soldering.
    • The fire is believed to have happened when the plumber was soldering a water pipe and insulation in the cavity wall caught fire.
    • I find the physical work of soldering the wiring to the keyboard encoder challenging, mostly due to the tight quarters.