Translation of soldier in Spanish:


soldado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsəʊldʒə//ˈsoʊldʒər/


  • 1

    soldado masculine
    (officer) militar masculine
    an old soldier un excombatiente
    • be a brave little soldier pórtate como un valiente
    • to be a good soldier ser leal y disciplinado
    • a soldier of fortune un mercenario
    • to play (at) soldiers jugar a la guerra
    • This system gave the local lords wealth and property in exchange for their services as cavalry soldiers in the army.
    • Norms against child soldiering have proven to be insufficient, so stigmatization of those who abuse children in this manner must be backed up with real punishments.
    • This is the first glimpse of the new Yorkshire Regiment's Army cap badge, under which thousands of soldiers will fight and serve.
    • A graduate of West Point and a career soldier, he served in combat units in Europe in World War II and in Korea during the Korean War.
    • The fights are between foot soldiers fighting with swords, spears or axes fashioned out of rattan cane.
    • Keitel, a professional soldier, served as an artillery officer on the Western Front during the First World War and then as a staff officer.
    • He reached the base and looked around, watching as soldiers marched in formation.
    • Private Alan Davidson, 19, said the Army trains soldiers to be ready for anything.
    • By all accounts, the soldiers serve nobly, stand ready and ably carry out their duties.
    • There are over 1,000 troops occupying the island, including some soldiers from other battalions.
    • As an enlisted soldier, he served in every leadership position up to the position of First Sergeant.
    • Just like other local soldiers, they also served in various military units nationwide.
    • As humble privates and illustrious generals, Scottish soldiers marched and fought across the globe, in the service of the British Empire.
    • When a soldier has to serve in a dependent-restricted area, he must be confident that his family is well cared for back home.
    • Before visiting a regiment he would call the colonel aside and ask for the name of a soldier who had served well in previous campaigns, but who had not been given the credit he deserved.
    • Heavily armed soldiers are deployed around government buildings and soldiers are everywhere in the streets.
    • He thus avoided serving as a soldier, or ‘cannon fodder,’ as he would later put it.
    • She had told me he was the model for ‘The Digger,’ a bronze bust of a soldier at the Australian War Memorial.
    • Before then the only medals awarded to serving soldiers were for good conduct or long service.
    • He zoomed in on the view of one of the soldiers under his command.
  • 2

    soldado masculine
    • When these ants sense a possible threat, they increase the ratio of soldiers to workers in their colonies, report Luc Passera of Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France, and his colleagues.
    • Termites have a strict caste system, which consists of worker termites, soldiers, winged reproductive termites, a queen termite, and a king termite.
    • Soldiers resemble worker termites, except that they have enlarged brownish heads and strong, well-developed jaws.
  • 3British informal

    soldiers trozos de pan tostado que se comen con huevos pasados por agua

intransitive verb


  • 1

    servir como soldado