Translation of solely in Spanish:


únicamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈsoʊ(l)li//ˈsəʊlli/


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    he's solely responsible es el único responsable
    • it is solely owned by Mr Jones su único dueño es Mr Jones
    • The scheme may be designed solely for the use of the residents or it may involve shared use.
    • The score is solely based on the number of questions you answer before realising it's a trick.
    • The choir is still based at the school, which is now solely used as a church.
    • It is also worth remembering that drugs are not a problem that can be tackled solely by the police.
    • As I tell my own children, politics is too important to be left solely to the politicians.
    • Mood swings may not solely be affected by certain foods but also by the lack of appropriate ones.
    • Gone are the days, she says, when this was a pastime solely for the landed gentry.
    • Jorge admits he finds it difficult to survive on the wage earned solely from busking.
    • It is very much a case of residents now moving out of the city and I fear it will soon become solely a student area.
    • She said all letters from the department were addressed solely to her husband.
    • It is simply not true that smoking is solely responsible for the current cancer epidemic.
    • Many of the locals we met along the trail were there solely to cater to the needs of trekkers.
    • Should the rightness of an action be based solely on the inherent morality of the action itself?
    • The reality is he was an intelligent, devious businessman who was in it solely for his own profit.
    • Does he seriously think that anyone believes we rely solely on the wind to light our streets?
    • The equivalent game a year earlier is remembered fondly, if solely for a negative reason.
    • The dolls themselves are now made solely for the tourist interior design market.
    • He then joined the army, motivated solely by a desire to learn combat and survival skills.
    • To have a true belief is simply and solely to believe that something is so, and to be in fact right.
    • The event tomorrow will be solely dedicated to writers and publishers who are based in the county.
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    (only, simply)