Translation of solemn in Spanish:


solemne, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɑləm//ˈsɒləm/


  • 1

    (serious, formal)
    (occasion/silence/plea) solemne
    to make / give a/one's solemn promise/oath/vow hacer una promesa/un juramento/un voto solemne
    • We resumed holding hands, all our faces now purposefully solemn, though with little smiles twitching at our mouths.
    • The officers who took part in the solemn ceremony pointed out that they ‘had laid down their lives today for the sake of our tomorrow’.
    • The look of hope in her eyes was too solemn for a smile.
    • A band blows solemn notes as two riders on magnificently caparisoned horses trot to the president's box, salute, and trot back to raucous cheers.
    • She watched him with her deep eyes, then a small smile broke her solemn face.
    • The committee proposes that couples should be free to choose where they want to get married, though the location must not detract from the solemn nature of the ceremony.
    • We need not argue at length that philosophy is serious, but this does not mean that it needs to be solemn or humourless.
    • In the solemn atmosphere of the memorial ceremony, many victims' relatives were unable to contain their emotions as they remembered their loved ones.
    • Across the Potomac, an equally solemn ceremony took place this morning at the World War II Memorial.
    • There were, of course, the solemn ceremonies at the parish church, the best attended of the year after Christmas.
    • I wouldn't have agreed to it, but he had sounded so serious and so solemn that I had said yes before I could stop myself.
    • We went then from the cold church in solemn procession, singing litanies into the thin air.
    • Organ music at the Mass set a solemn tone, but the day's ceremonies ended on a festive note, with fireworks and a ball under the stars.
    • A record number of veterans brought a forest of flags to a former Second World War prisoner-of-war camp for a solemn ceremony to remember fallen comrades.
    • There's a solemn, ruminative atmosphere, and it's strange to see so many people and hear so little noise.
    • When you go into a courtroom you are doing something very serious and solemn and you are representing more than just the rights of your client.
    • The funeral procession was solemn but lofty, as befit the prince.
    • A splendid orchestra and chorus group set up a solemn and glorious atmosphere for the play.
    • The title of the novel suggests a solemn and introspective work.
    • As Big Ben struck quarter-to-noon the solemn music of the approaching procession outside became more audible.
    • The painter's face assumed a serious, almost solemn expression.
    • His expression changed from a cheery smile to a solemn frown.
    • George's smile faded into a solemn understanding of her predicament.
    • Not one of them shed a tear, but sat there on the uncomfortable wooden seats, trying to mask their anguish with solemn seriousness.
    • Yet, while magic had not lost its potency or usefulness, most of its solemn pomp and ceremonial value was long gone.
    • There are people all over writing solemn and thought-provoking pieces to mark the completion of a year that's not been one of humanity's most noble.
    • The American National Anthem will be played followed by solemn music during the ceremony instead of the usual marches.
    • It's a solemn, formal occasion witnessed with pride by family and friends.
    • In a symbolic gesture one of his sculptures was uncovered in a solemn ceremony.
    • He wasn't being playful anymore, instead he was totally serious, solemn even.
    • Graduation and similar ceremonies should be solemn, with the national flag raised at the front.
    • His brown eyes were serious and solemn as he watched her.
    • The enormous space which had before seemed cathedral-like in its solemn majesty and timelessness, now resembled the aftermath of a hurricane or earthquake.
    • Finally he sat up to face her, his eyes now solemn and serious.
    • Chase, feeling very solemn despite the smile he wore, looked deeply into her eyes.
    • Let them begin this solemn journey with our heartfelt prayers.
    • A forum that often is raucous and rowdy was solemn and grave.
    • He then turned to stare at her, and Usagi realized that he had never looked that solemn and serious when he was with her before.
    • Rochdale remembered its war dead in solemn ceremonies throughout the borough.
    • More than 200 people attended a solemn ceremony at the City Hall Memorial Garden to honour Hong Kong's war dead.
  • 2

    (grave, over-serious)
    (person) serio
    (face) solemne
  • 3

    (somber, dark)
    (color) oscuro
    (color) fúnebre