Translation of solicitous in Spanish:


solícito, adj.

Pronunciation /səˈlɪsɪtəs//səˈlɪsədəs/



  • 1

    (person/concern) solícito
    (inquiry) lleno de interés
    to be solicitous about sth/sb estar preocupado por algo/algn
    • to be solicitous of sth estar pendiente de algo
    • Among the most important of these is the central role of the extended family, which is extremely solicitous of the welfare and reputation of its members.
    • Daisy, the unloved eight-year-old in a large family, becomes the willing acolyte to the tender and solicitous Theresa.
    • And the manager was most solicitous, arranging for a car and reliable driver for our trip to Hampi, 11 km away.
    • William Brown-Lee was a clever, solicitous man and Alicia considered herself fortunate to have captured his attention.
    • To that end, there are fine antiques and paintings, overstuffed sofas, roaring log fires, solicitous staff, visiting dogs and spectacular views.
    • I understand the need for clear communication with customers, and I would give the same solicitous treatment to all citizens.
    • I was solicitous to dive into his thoughts upon this head and put some questions which tended to the point that I wished.
    • Anna realizes that Trevor is unlikely to be so solicitous when it is Anna who requires his attention.
    • A glance at any probate casebook will demonstrate how often solicitous distant relatives, keen to do fetching and carrying as well as to sort out troublesome financial affairs, show up in the declining years of lonely old people.
    • Vasanti also had some good luck: she had no abusive in-laws to put up with, and she had brothers who were more than usually solicitous of her well-being.
    • He is attentive, even solicitous, and Theresa accepts a dinner date.
    • The media establishment has always been solicitous of the poor, and through much fine reporting over the years has become intimately familiar with them.
    • The processes that will be used to allow public scrutiny of the proposals will vary from province to province, but they will be based on principles adopted in Calgary, and they will be scrupulously solicitous of grassroots opinion.
    • Having thus acknowledged his dependence on the Norwegian crown, he was solicitous to promote the security and happiness of his kingdom, by forming alliances with the neighbouring princes.
    • Anthony was very solicitous, making sure Deb and I were okay.
    • The nurses and staff who previously had been so solicitous of his welfare were overjoyed at his new appearance.
    • There was nothing especially wrong with the food, apart from its staggering and stupid expense, or the restaurant staff, who were kind and solicitous, although a little remiss in the tasks of delivering food and wine.
    • Even when he's finally settled - on his workstation swivel chair - he seems slightly remote, though he is charming and solicitous.
    • After grabbing ourselves a table, and having a high chair rolled on up by one of the super solicitous staff members, we paused to enjoy the view.
    • Should a professor choose to reject the study or insist on changes not agreeable to the sponsor, another university scientist will very likely be more solicitous.
    • If the project has been reasonably solicitous of poor people on the rental end, it has been less so when it comes to the planned 360 for-sale houses and town homes.
    • Even on the 20 minute plane trip as we climbed to 10,000 feet (great views, by the way), they were solicitous of me and my welfare, and at the end shared my elation, as if it were their first jump too.