Translation of solidarity in Spanish:


solidaridad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsɑləˈdɛrədi//ˌsɒlɪˈdarɪti/


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    solidaridad feminine
    solidarity with sb/sth solidaridad con algn/algo
    • The world is frightened, economies are dented, and war has eroded global solidarity.
    • The best solidarity that other workers can give is to fight for better pay ourselves.
    • That meant it was down to individual activists and branches organising solidarity.
    • As always, Candy and Dave have been a constant source of support and solidarity.
    • They have set up a strike committee and are sending out speakers to win solidarity among other workers.
    • To reverse this trend we need to invest in new institutions of social solidarity.
    • Inside the fence, people spoke of solidarity and consensus, of love and gentleness.
    • The key to victory is mobilising the support for the firefighters into active solidarity.
    • There was a lot of discussion as to what form resistance and solidarity should take.
    • Besides modesty and intimacy, they often enjoy a high level of social solidarity.
    • We will ask for solidarity from workers in other European countries to support our campaign.
    • The Netherlands wishes to show solidarity and be a dependable European partner.
    • An official call for support and solidarity from other unions has also now gone out.
    • Many people reflect upon the 1960s as a decade of solidarity among the common people.
    • The sacked workers say that solidarity could be maintained if the dispute were made official.
    • We want to express solidarity with our brothers who are being bombed by warplanes and tanks.
    • The strikers can win if there is solidarity from other workers and the action is spread.
    • It also makes it far easier for workers on strike to actively seek support and solidarity.
    • This indicated widespread support for those who show solidarity and a willingness to fight.
    • We in Britain need to step up our efforts to support them with practical and political solidarity.