Translation of solidify in Spanish:


solidificarse, v.

Pronunciation: /səˈlɪdɪfʌɪ//səˈlɪdəˌfaɪ/

intransitive verb

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    • The mixture is left to solidify and once coagulated is scored with a knife and left overnight.
    • Ocean ridges are linear features on the ocean floor where molten magma originating in the earth's mantle rises and solidifies to form new ocean crust.
    • Quickly it solidified into crystals of ice, and in only a few moments the surface of the cloak was covered with a sheen of glimmering ice.
    • Conventional computer chips comprise a thin slice of silicon, which is made by cooling pure, molten silicon in such a way that, as the fiery drop solidifies, a crystal ‘grows’ in a certain direction.
    • The mold must be preheated with a blowtorch to keep the silver from solidifying before it fills the whole cavity.
    • Hydrogenated fat is vegetable oil that has been chemically altered so that it becomes harder, more saturated and solidifies at room temperature.
    • Apparently, thousands of kitchen sinks are clogged every Christmas when turkey fat is tipped down the sink, then solidifies in the U-bend.
    • Dolerite is basaltic magma that solidifies rapidly in sills and dikes near the surface.
    • In some instances, stationary magmas solidify in situ.
    • She was trapped in mud debris from an erupting volcano that had solidified like concrete around her legs and up to her chest, preventing her from being pulled out.
    • Recent research suggests that this gas can later solidify into a blob.
    • Slowly the molten rock solidified, and fissures appeared, while the water was still hot and fluid.
    • First, they have to be frozen at a carefully controlled rate, so that any water content moves to the outside of the tissues before solidifying into ice and expanding.
    • Around three to five minutes later, the soya-bean milk solidifies and turns into Bean Jelly.
    • When the metal solidifies, the urali is retrieved after breaking the mould.
    • It rose them to the surface and solidified into a deep-blue crystal that evened itself with the rest of the floor.
    • They also contain ingredients that make them stay in the stomach longer, it solidifies and makes it harder for the milk to digest.
    • Inevitably, where molten rock met the bitter cold of space, heat was lost rapidly, allowing the outermost levels of the magma ocean to solidify to a thin crust.
    • When the temperature drops (due to cold weather or when the body is at rest), the capsules solidify and release the stored heat.
    • Texture holds together under scorching conditions and partially solidifies in extreme cold.

transitive verb

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