Translation of solitaire in Spanish:


solitario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɒlɪtɛː//ˈsɑləˌtɛr//ˌsɒlɪˈtɛː/


  • 1also solitaire diamond

    solitario masculine
  • 2

    solitario masculine
    to play solitaire hacer solitarios
    • I've sat here for twenty minutes, played seven games of solitaire, and try as I may I can't pull anything out of the day.
    • I noticed approvingly that he did not return to his game of solitaire until we were almost out of the building.
    • Current games range from spaceship shoot-em-ups to solitaire.
    • Although with 16MB of RAM and a rather cute 190MHz CPU it would be able to handle the basics; solitaire, word processing etceteras, ultimately it is remarkable for its size.
    • Perfect for making sure that you save power when you nod off after a demanding midnight game of solitaire.
    • Mann responded by taking Crain's wallet, finding her own spot, and arraying her credit cards as if dealing a game of solitaire.
    • Absently, Midori dealt herself a game of solitaire.
    • Indeed, the game is sometimes called patience sorting, where patience is the British term for solitaire.
    • Nokia does some games itself for WAP phones but we're talking very simple ones like solitaire, backgammon etc.
    • Solitaire is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes.
    • The shareware Absolutist Solitaire Studio has a range of solitaire games and a Solitaire Script language which allows you to design your own games and add them to the program.
    • If any readers know any other comparable solitaire programs or a good Backgammon program, another game that I get frequently requested, please write in.
    • For a lot of people they don't want to deal with that, they want to play a quick game of solitaire while their spreadsheet prints out, something like that.
    • In short, anything The Stills might have to offer is available on a CD, and at least you can play a game of solitaire while listening to a cd, which would be considerably more inspiring than watching them play live.
    • He glanced up from the book for a second, only to see Faye playing a game of solitaire.
    • At last he shrugged, and turned back to his game of solitaire on the computer.
    • Gripsnak couldn't see anything else to do with his time, a game of solitaire should calm him.
    • Pi stood quickly, leaving his game of solitaire where it was.
    • Nora was sitting on her bed, playing a game of solitaire, but she quickly changed the game so that Emy could join in.
    • He eventually won that game of solitaire, and promptly began a new one.
    • I know that because I can get six games of computer solitaire out in a row in the same number of moves over the same time as normal.