Translation of solitary in Spanish:


solitario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɑləˌtɛri//ˈsɒlɪt(ə)ri/


  • 1

    (life/person/journey/disposition) solitario
    a solitary place un lugar solitario / apartado
    • But l must do them alone, and lately I cannot be solitary.
    • And yet-such is the naïve openness of one's solitary thoughts it took only a little change of light for me to see the matter differently.
    • The beginning of the book describes his mostly solitary existence, the noises and sights of the press, and it's beautifully personal and focused.
    • A mate who doesn't need your help may prove aloof and solitary.
    • ‘That one over there,’ he said, nodding at a solitary figure in the distance which tripped and stumbled along the edge of the main road.
    • Gone are my constant internet access, my masses of free alone time, my lengthy solitary lunches.
    • Shrek himself (voiced by Mike Myers) is an unpleasant, solitary ogre who lives alone in a swamp.
    • It also sanctifies the idea of the reclusive, solitary genius at the expense of the artist who engages with society and the world at large.
    • From this encounter, Paley assures us, our solitary walker could be sure of one thing: a man - a thinking being - has been this way.
    • Another legend of Taoism said Zhao Gongming originally came from Zhongnan Mountain and lived a remote and solitary life to practise his skills.
    • I think most people in witchcraft or paganism practise in a solitary way,’ she said.
    • I dined in solitary state, all alone in the castle's gilt-and-blue dining hall.
    • This project is a sculptural work that stemmed from my interest in sci-fi, technology, and the impulse for relaxation or solitary meditation.
    • I was a solitary boy, shy and withdrawn, who preferred to be left alone to read.
    • And so I think that there really are many forms of courage, although the one that I think most of us respond to is the solitary figure who really does risk it all.
    • You describe yourself as an isolated, solitary kid, and then you moved into writing, which is often a solitary profession.
    • His existence is solitary (because his pursuits go unrecognised/unvalued) and (in every sense) misguided.
    • Unlikely - I've always been rather a solitary type, enjoying my own company and taking holidays alone.
    • Electronic musicians tend to be a solitary bunch and like to work alone in home studios.
    • A solitary bad person sitting alone, harbouring genocidal thoughts, and wishing he ruled the world is not a problem unless he lives next to us in the trailer park.
  • 2

    not a (single) solitary person has written to me no me ha escrito ni una sola persona
    • they haven't a solitary piece of evidence no tienen ni una sola prueba
    • there was one solitary case hubo un único / solo caso
    • Nancy & Lee also had a solitary UK hit single: the glorious, saucy, surreal ‘Did You Ever?’
    • Laid out before you, you have 73 different types of fruit - a succulent, juicy example of every variety you can think of - but not one single, solitary apple.
    • Against Galway United a solitary goal was enough; the famous victory over Stella Maris relied on Niall O'Brien's late intervention.
    • Every single, solitary person admitted was female.
    • In the Under-14 final, Selby Olympia enjoyed the narrowest of victories over Heworth winning by a solitary goal, scored in the first-half of a tense final.
    • The United States struck back to restrict Ian Thorpe and Australia to one solitary silver medal on day four of the Olympics.
    • I spotted the occasional solitary example in the distance, but I was encumbered with a camera.
    • But it was, sadly, Ireland's solitary response.
    • Everything is in my book, like every single solitary thing that has happened to me in my life, I put out there.
    • It seems like the whole idea of the merger is being exploited to the point where absolutely no two solitary concepts or institutions are left alone.
    • A contemptuous demolition of their continental colleagues over the course of 18 qualifying matches included 13 wins and a solitary defeat, by Brazil.
    • Unfortunately it was a solitary shiny penny gleaming out of a pool of mud.
    • In the distance he could see a solitary fighter plane - they flew there all the time for refuel and repair, so not an unusual sight.
    • When I'm out running on my lunch hour, not once have I watched in awe as a fellow runner sprints toward me sporting a solitary track shoe.
    • Dozens of officers forming a Guard of Honour snapped to attention as the procession, headed by two mounted officers and the solitary drummer, sombrely approached the building.
    • Instead, they occupy solitary locations within the genome.
    • Amidst the many ruffians scattered about the bar, this visitor wearing a brown cotton suit with matching cream tie stood out like a solitary star in the nighttime sky.
    • Like the most popular girl at school, you'd be hard pressed to find a single, solitary fault with the group.
    • It all hinged on the fact that Boro didn't have more to show for that sparkling first half display other than one solitary goal scored in the 10th minute which was credited by most to an Alfreton defender!
    • One day, in a fit of extreme frustration, I sent in a single solitary letter voicing my said opinion about the magazine's quality.
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    Zoology Botany
    (bee/elephant/bird) solitario
    • Petioles of huge solitary leaves of mature plants of Amorphophallus resemble tree trunks supporting an umbrella-like crown.
    • The capitula were small, in lax panicles or, rarely, solitary.
    • All plants of O. parryi var. parryi sampled were solitary and all plants were shorter than one meter.
    • However, little is known about costs of parental investment in insects, particularly in solitary as well as social aculeate Hymenoptera.
    • Masonry or mortar bees are referred to as solitary bees, a class that also includes mining and carpenter bees.
    • The solitary flowers are borne on long, wiry pedicels.
    • All previous reports of orchid pollination through pseudocopulation involve solitary wasps or bees.
    • Pelliciera has solitary flowers that are accompanied by two large coloured prophylls.
    • While a few hydrozoans, such as Hydra, are solitary polyps, most live in colonies made up of anywhere from a few to thousands of individual polyps.
    • Other faunal elements include colonial and solitary corals, encrusting bryozoans, stromatoporoids, and rare brachiopods.


  • 1informal

    (solitary confinement)
    incomunicación feminine
    he's been in solitary for five days hace cinco días que está incomunicado
    • After leaving solitary, he will ultimately be sent to a different minimum-security facility.
    • Consequently, a further 200 prisoners who did a solitary stretch may now seek a wad of cash, courtesy of the taxpayer, taking the total to millions of dollars.
    • Does he get punished, does he ever get in the solitary?
  • 2literary

    solitario masculine
    solitaria feminine
    • This question applies with particular acuteness to the situation of hermits or solitaries.
    • Frostian solitaries love to challenge fate and to assert their hard-won visionary power while deprecating their epiphanic achievement with comic whimsy.
    • The support system a member of a coven enjoys is not available to a solitary.
    • Accordingly Oram encases the vast garden-jungle set inside a circular drum, implying that Williams's characters are themselves deranged solitaries.
    • As community members and solitaries, we need to be aware of our own personal path before we step into the larger community.
    • But then, upon reflection, it dawned on me that everyone who practices the Craft is, at their very core, an eclectic solitary.
    • For the significance of the outlaw to Dylan is less that of the rebel and more the solitary who rejects established religion for the direct inspiration of truth.
    • Our covens and groves are as sovereign as our solitaries, and they need to remain so.
    • Though widely read Lyautey was not a pensive solitary.
    • We have no degrees or initiations, although a few members have expressed an interest in having initiations because, as solitaries, they feel they missed this group experience.
    • Before I started on this path, I assumed all solitaries were lonely, removed from the Pagan community, or just plain not serious about their spirituality.
    • I have met solitaries that did write their own rituals out, but when it came down to writing a ritual to involve others they were at a loss.
    • I was originally thinking of solitaries, but I guess alienation might work just as well.
    • The virtue of this production is that it reminds us that most of Chekhov's characters are solitaries trapped inside their own skins.
    • Who would have thought that Christian solitaries from the Egyptian desert of late antiquity would speak with such authority to us today?
    • The Pagan literature aimed at beginners, the vast majority of whom are solitaries, always praises the virtues of an outdoor ritual.
    • I agree with Robert Campbell and Archon Fung that Americans have not significantly become detached social solitaries, ‘bowling alone,’ as Robert Putnam concluded.
    • Similarly, ask a roomful of Pagan solitaries what their religion is, and you are as likely as not to get a similar number of answers.
    • His jaw dropped, and I felt ashamed of my answer, for who was I to so speak to a Brother, even if he be a solitary?
    • He says to the ‘Outcasts of America… We make theater, we make community ’, thus finding a way to ‘entertain and educate the solitaries that make up a community’.