Translation of solution in Spanish:


solución, n.

Pronunciation /səˈluʃ(ə)n//səˈluːʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(to problem)

      solución feminine
      solution to sth solución a algo
      • to think of/find a solution pensar en/encontrar una solución
      • Sally came up with a solution a Sally se le ocurrió una solución
      • the solution to all your problems la solución a todos sus problemas
      • it does not admit of solution, it is incapable of solutionuncountable no admite solución
      • The decision to divest the business has not been an easy one to make but it is the only solution to a difficult and unsustainable situation.
      • The Department of Education insists the school was always regarded as a temporary solution to an emergency situation.
      • The easiest solution to this situation is to address the issue right in the beginning during the initial audition.
      • I wish the mayor and governor would actually stop pretending to be tough and look at the situation to devise a solution.
      • Arthur, however, does not see this as a reliable solution that will solve this problem.
      • On the matter of rising property assessments, we have made a proposal to the Province that we hope will be accepted as a solution to our situation only.
      • The long-term solution to solving these problems is to develop a societal norm based on a limited number of core values.
      • For Jordan's benefit, let me point out that there are three possible solutions to the situation.
      • The problem will not vanish by itself; to continue to ignore it will make a future solution more difficult to achieve.
      • It is difficult to imagine what solutions are likely to come of such a brainstorming session.
      • The space shuttle is a complex solution to a very difficult problem, lifting a crew and a large cargo to Earth orbit.
      • The promotion of the article page was simply a short-term solution to a difficult situation.
      • That said there will never be a universal solution to the situation because you can't please all of the people all of the time.
      • However, the government can only facilitate a solution, it cannot solve the problem.
      • Do Americans even want to follow such a leader down a rocky road to difficult solutions?
      • Depending on space colonisation to improve the situation puts the solutions far away in the future.
      • Any process aimed at supporting people through to a complete solution will be difficult to manage.
      • So far it's proving difficult to find a solution.
      • Because if that political process does not move along on that timetable, the military solution cannot solve this problem.
      • I must admit I don't have a good solution for this situation and it's frustrating.

    • 1.2Mathematics

      solución feminine

  • 2

    solución feminine
    to make a solution of sth hacer una solución de algo
    • the aspirin works faster if you take it in solution la aspirina actúa más rápidamente si se la disuelve
    • Recently, the recombinant protein was shown to be a dimer both in solution and in crystals.
    • The New York Times reported on one such technique in which foods are bathed in a liquid solution of water and protein.
    • Indeed, the B concentration in solution declined slightly from the time of the first to the second spray due to B uptake by the plants.
    • Since soap and detergents are salts, they separate into their component ions in a solution of water.
    • As we add more solid to a liquid the solution becomes more concentrated.
    • This seminar is vital to all scientists who need to characterize polymers or biopolymers in solution.
    • The formation of these complexes can decrease the amount of bound by metal oxides, increasing the amount of available in solution.
    • Wine is not a single component substance, however, but is mainly a solution of alcohol and water.
    • Ion exchange is a reversible exchange of ions between a solid ion exchanger and a liquid solution.
    • At the time, we were looking at transition metal complexes in solution.
    • This second chamber contains an osmotically matched buffer and the test peptide in solution.
    • Liquid bleach used in the laundry is an alkaline solution of hypochlorite ion.
    • Brine is a solution of sodium chloride and water that may or may not contain other salts.
    • Use a concentrated solution of liquid dish soap and water to remove the oil and dirt buildup.
    • Most drug molecules are, like benzene-based pharmaceuticals, flexible in solution.
    • Unlike common air, fixed air turned lime water (a solution of calcium hydroxide) cloudy.
    • In solution, the cations move towards the cathode and the anions move to the anode.
    • Metals usually make positive ions when the compounds are dissolved in solution.
    • This is made simply by adding baking soda to a solution of cocaine hydrochloride and heating the mixture.
    • The enzyme in solution is a monomer as pointed out by dynamic-light-scattering studies.
    • Two micrograms of the lipid-peptide mixture was deposited on one plate from a stock solution of organic solvent.
    • For example, oxytocin and vasopressin have about a thousand different conformations in solution, all in dynamic equilibrium one with another.
    • Currently, there is little information on how plants access molybdate from the soil solution and redistribute it within the plant.
    • Copper metal does not react with a solution of a zinc salt to produce copper ion and metallic zinc.
    • In its dephosphorylated state BglG exists as a dimer in solution.
    • Some escapes as carbon dioxide from water solutions and returns to the atmosphere.
    • Typically the host molecules are dissolved in solution or, alternatively, are confined to a membrane plane.
    • It has long been recognized that lowering K concentrations in solution strongly increase Cs uptake by plants.
    • Then we examined whether or not the quaternary structure of arrestin tetramer in solution is identical to that in crystal.
    • One way to remove unwanted gases is to pass them through a solution of calcium oxide in the smokestack.
    • If the groundwater is heavily laden with minerals in solution, the process can happen rapidly.
    • The crystals were then dissolved in solution and spin-cast on to a conductive glass substrate.
    • It was discovered that blood could be preserved in glass containers by mixing it with a solution of sodium citrate in water, a liquid very similar to lemonade.
    • The sulfuric acid removes the alcohol from the air into a liquid solution.
    • Solvent-mediated interactions drive and stabilize biophysical assembly in solution.
    • Simply mix the liquid solution with water and sprinkle over your already decaying organic material.
    • In the digester, a big stainless steel container, a solution of sodium or potassium hydroxide is poured over the carcass.
    • The procedure was stopped when the nitric acid in the solution was almost completely evaporated.
    • The patterns are realized as the polymer is mechanically peeled away in one contiguous piece in solution.
    • Note that we assumed all charged amino acid residues were exposed in solution, and did not interact with each other.