Translation of solve in Spanish:


resolver, v.

Pronunciation /sɑlv//sɒlv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (mystery/equation) resolver
    (problem/conflict) solucionar
    (crossword puzzle) sacar
    to solve a crime esclarecer un crimen
    • to solve a riddle encontrar la solución a una adivinanza/un enigma
    • Both believe the market solves all problems of efficiency and allocation.
    • Now suppose that there were a single algorithm for solving all mathematical problems.
    • He is hoping to work with others such as the town council to try to solve the problem in various ways.
    • Give a specific example of a time when you used good judgment and logic in solving a problem.
    • Let's try to unify the American people and govern in a way that solves problems.
    • His financial problems were solved, but he was spurned by the art establishment.
    • So you are not actually solving the problem by giving it to somebody else.
    • Occasionally, someone has a simple idea that solves a huge problem.
    • Narrative in each religion solves that problem for its respective adherents.
    • I finally solved the mystery of my grandfather having two graves, and visited both of them.
    • I need to watch the ‘extras’ to see if there are any clues to solving the mystery of it all.
    • They take the bags away so the rats don't have their food supply, but this is still not solving the problem.
    • First are solving the immediate problem by bringing in drivers from elsewhere in Yorkshire.
    • At the same time this policy solves their problems in re-entering the workforce.
    • The first, essential step towards solving a problem is to admit that it exists.
    • You can remove and clean the sensor and that usually solves the problem.
    • And then when she solves the mystery, they cut back to her revealing it to the interested parties, a father and son.
    • They are a great partner, we are happy together, we will solve the problem together.
    • Ours is a reproducible model, and others may end up reproducing it and solving other problems.
    • It solves the problem of trying to hide away messy cables and unsightly stereos.