Translation of solvent in Spanish:


solvente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɒlv(ə)nt//ˈsɑlvənt/


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    (company/person) solvente
    • However, while the Trust had to prove their take-over plans were workable, solvent clubs can be traded with no questions asked by the governing body.
    • Put simply, the pensions compensation scheme is an insurance plan, funded by a levy on solvent pension schemes, designed to protect the pensions of workers whose employers go bust.
    • Every Friday and Saturday, anyone who is solvent and ambient gets out and crawls.
    • It would, of course, be a strange case in which the third party chose to pursue the insolvent insured rather than the solvent insurer.
    • And if you've planned for it, it will keep you solvent as well.
    • It simply decides that on the facts of that case the parent company in question had a legitimate interest in preserving and maximising the assets of its solvent subsidiary.
    • Worse, solvent customers are charging less and paying down debt.
    • The main responsibility facing directors of solvent companies is to keep proper books and records and to file annual returns and accounts on time to the Companies Office every year.
    • There is a conflict of interest between keeping banks solvent and healthy and protecting consumers.
    • Therefore, credit spreads tend to zero for the short-term debt of a solvent firm.
    • The issue for the government to decide is whether the KCA is a solvent organisation.
    • WorldCom, although still very much in operation, has been losing market share to its solvent rivals.
    • If Neill's mum is already a member of a good quality occupational scheme which has the backing of a stable and solvent employer that might be her best option.
    • However distasteful the theory may be, we have to admit that vicarious liability owes its explanation, if not its justification, to the search for a solvent defendant.
    • On the one hand, it is ultimately answerable to the ruling body of the Central Bank, whose overriding goal is to maintain a stable and solvent financial system.
    • If one joint or joint and several debtor is insolvent, the loss resulting from his insolvency is spread equally among the solvent debtors.
    • Seriously, if the opposition could only open their eyes they would see a large and financially solvent constituency looking for a home.
    • These are envisaged so that consumers can be more confident in the knowledge that they are dealing with financially solvent companies.
    • A solvent insurer at one point can become insolvent soon for variety of reasons.
    • Indeed so long as the company is solvent the shareholders are in substance the company.
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    • Some examples of solvent chemicals are paint thinners, most penetrating sealers, D-Limonene, and alcohol.
    • Sometimes surfactants are mixed into solvent sealers so that the residue will mix with water for easier cleanup afterwards.
    • A solvent cleaner is usually effective for removing lipstick.
    • Four different solvent media were considered: octane, tetrahydrofuran, acetonitrile, and water.
    • The lacquer thinner is used as a final wash (with solvent strippers) after you've finished stripping.
    • All solvent strippers are regarded as health hazards.
    • Apply (do not rub) a solvent type cleaner by blotting it onto stain with a clean, white terrycloth washcloth.
    • Recent developments include the use of resin soaps and solvent gels, tailored to interact only with specific resin varnishes and leave oil formulations unaffected.
    • The solvent action is terrific, even removing crud from three pistols I had just cleaned with my EEL - a real crunch test.
    • The tapes are available with solid adhesives or solvent acrylic and rubber adhesives.


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    disolvente masculine
    solvente masculine