Translation of somersault in Spanish:


voltereta, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈsəmərˌsɔlt//ˈsʌməsɔːlt//ˈsʌməsɒlt/


  • 1

    (on ground)
    voltereta feminine
    vuelta (de) carnero feminine Southern Cone
    (from height) mortal masculine
    (from height) salto mortal masculine
    (of car) vuelta de campana feminine
    to perform/execute a somersault realizar/ejecutar un mortal
    • to turn somersaults dar vueltas (de) carnero

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (on ground)
    hacer volteretas
    dar vueltas (de) carnero Southern Cone
    (from height) dar un (salto) mortal
    she somersaulted across the room cruzó la habitación haciendo volteretas
    • the car somersaulted over the edge of the cliff el coche se despeñó por el acantilado dando vueltas en el aire
    • He was awarded 9.80 points for his vault - a handspring somersault with forward salto.
    • Finally he came down in a somersault and landed on one knee.
    • Eventually they may learn to do a somersault in the water by adapting their land movements to the water, but that doesn't mean they are doing it as efficiently as an aquatic creature would do it.
    • His heart turned a somersault at her use of his given name.
    • I did a neat backward somersault and landed in the river in a welter of blue and silver, unpleasantly aware I could not swim.
    • I believe you can gyrate on the somersault, get your feet down as best as you can, and push off and go very fast off the wall.
    • I dove to my left again, and this time rolled into a somersault that landed me in a thicket of mountain laurel at the base of the ridge.
    • Level Three were the most difficult containing moves such as back flips, somersaults and full cartwheels.
    • Once he bungled a somersault, but managed such a smooth entry into the next exercise that the spectators never suspected that anything was amiss.
    • Gymnasts start early and children as young as two use soft apparatus to learn their first somersault and handspring, under the watchful eyes of more than 20 qualified coaches.
    • I did a somersault and landed gracefully on my feet.
    • Chen, who is now playing elder sister to many of her younger classmates, has already accustomed herself to the endless backward somersaults, handstands and horse vaults.
    • She still has ambitious goals: reading, backward somersaults, swimming, tying shoes.
    • I remember the fans gasping at Lyukin's triple somersault in the floor exercises for the Moscow News prize.
    • Every minute of the training session is planned: she does warming up exercises slowly and thoroughly, does her pull ups on the wall bars, then to the trampoline for a few light and graceful leaps and somersaults.
    • Now a pirouette has been added to Korbut's loop and several young ladies do a backward somersault on the beam twice in a row.
    • He launched himself off the roof, performed a double somersault and landed on his feet unharmed.
    • With practice, the momentum created by the dolphin kick and hand movement initiating your somersault should allow you to land aggressively at the wall.
    • We have now rejuvenated the program in the floor exercises, long horse and in the rings, introducing new complex somersaults and pirouettes.
    • My intention was this: to do a round-off on to a trampette then tuck backwards into a somersault and land on my feet.