Translation of something in Spanish:


algo, pron.

Pronunciation /ˈsəmˌθɪŋ//ˈsʌmθɪŋ/


  • 1

    something different/interesting algo distinto/interesante
    • something has happened to her algo le ha pasado
    • something must be broken debe de haber algo roto
    • have something to eat/drink come/bebe algo
    • give him something to eat/drink dale algo de comer/beber
    • may I ask you something? ¿puedo preguntarte algo / una cosa?
    • have you considered trying something else? ¿has pensado en probar con otra cosa?
    • it sounded like something out of a novel parecía de novela
    • she looks like something out of a fashion magazine parece salida de una revista de modas
    • it's not something to be proud of no es como para estar orgulloso
    • that was something I hadn't expected eso no me lo esperaba
    • is it something I said? ¿qué pasa? ¿qué he dicho?
    • it must be something you ate te habrá sentado mal algo (que comiste)
    • it's not much, but it's something no es mucho, pero algo es
    • Bill went behind Japanese lines into Burma, and I think that out of something like a hundred men, only six came back.
    • They're going to spend something like 80 million euros on not saying anything at all with their new slogan.
    • An impressive high score on an early machine was something like two thousand points.
    • The overall winner will pick up something like £500,000, which is not bad for a tenner per entry.
    • One of the women hands me a sharp metal lance, something between a sword and a skewer.
    • It is something like Bob said earlier on, it is something we do in our own time.
    • I was an apprentice in a factory at the time so if I remember my pay packet at that time was something like £6 a week.
    • The recording rates for their contribution would have been something like £66 a person.
    • He says he played in something like 20 matches last season but, crucially, he was involved in five of the last six.
    • I haven't seen it there for something like twelve or thirteen years!
    • I don't feel too awful today considering we didn't get to bed until something like 4 or 5am.
    • Id be happy if I could pull off something like that with the amount of money that had.
  • 2

    • 2.1(in vague statements or approximations)

      in eighteen hundred and something en mil ochocientos y pico / y algo
      • she's 30 something, I reckon digo yo que tendrá unos 30 y tantos años
      • something in the region of $50,000 alrededor de 50.000 dólares
      • it was something over 12m long medía algo más de 12 metros
      • Can you suggest something we can take over the next few weeks to stop this happening again?
      • By this point Paul had witnessed other comedy acts and felt it was something he was compelled to do.
      • We usually go to see a movie or, if it's a nice evening, we get something to eat or drink and sit by the river.
      • Probably would be a good idea to stop for something to eat and drink after this, get some energy back.
      • Just because something may be physically unattainable is no need to stop striving for it.
      • They had stopped at a service station, had something to eat and still caught up with us!
      • Is this something you think has happened to you in your own work, regardless of whether it was a hit or not?
      • If you want us to stop thinking of you that way, you could try going and being successful at something.
      • Even now, I'm always thankful that we have something to eat and a roof over our heads.
      • In six days' time the conjecture stops and we'll have something very real to discuss.
      • She cringed for she feared that something far more terrible was going to happen.
      • It was something that we were all terribly proud to be able to be associated with.
      • When you wait at the dentist's they at least provide you with something to read.
      • If something doesn't blend well enough with the real actors then it should be left out till it can.
      • I think we were waiting for her to do something crazy, or to just stop doing anything at all.
      • It filled him with a conviction that there is something terribly wrong with this world.
      • After he had eaten he paced around for a while, looking for something to do to keep him busy.
      • The biker then stopped and made several hand gestures and shouted something at me.
      • It seemed so fitting for a gathering of people remembering something so terrible.
      • I love what I do, so it would have to be something really amazing to persuade me to stop.

    • 2.2

      something like
      • something like 200 spectators unos 200 espectadores
      • the leaves taste something like spinach las hojas saben como a espinacas
      • he looks something like his brother se parece algo a su hermano

    • 2.3

      something of
      • she's something of an eccentric es algo excéntrica
      • the quartet has earned itself something of a reputation el cuarteto se ha ganado una cierta reputación
      • he became something of a hermit se convirtió en una especie de ermitaño
      • it came as something of a surprise me (or nos etc.) sorprendió un poco
      • it's something of a drawback no deja de ser un inconveniente

  • 3

    (sth special)
    it was quite something for a woman to reach that position era todo un logro que una mujer alcanzara esa posición
    • she's quite something, isn't she? (in looks) está bien ¿eh?
    • there's something about him tiene algo
    • (be talented) to have (got) something tener algo
    • (perceive sth significant) I think you might have something there puede que tengas razón


  • 1

    won't you have a little something (to eat/drink)? ¿no quieres comer/beber algo?
    • I've prepared a little something, so I hope you're hungry he preparado alguna cosita, así que espero que tengas hambre
    • she has that certain something tiene ese no sé qué



  • 1

    my back's playing me up something chronic la espalda me está fastidiando de mala manera
    • It must hurt something terrible.