Translation of somewhat in Spanish:


algo, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈsəmˌ(h)wət//ˈsʌmwɒt//ˈsəmˌ(h)wɑt/


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    un tanto
    the situation is somewhat confused la situación es algo / un tanto confusa
    • he seemed somewhat at a loss for an answer dio la impresión de no saber muy bien qué contestar
    • Also this post would be rather dull, and somewhat limited if I did not quote the email.
    • Matters were getting somewhat out of hand with those native to the city finding it hard to get a house.
    • The rest of the team, somewhat insincerely, told me to wrap myself up warm and get lots of sleep.
    • It occurs that a somewhat casual connection with reality informs much of this book.
    • A somewhat younger Robert can be seen in the arms of his mother on the far right.
    • It always brings a lump to my throat but some see it as somewhat imperialistic.
    • She went on to paint a somewhat lurid picture of her father's itinerant lifestyle.
    • The odds are, shall we say, somewhat large, and the car was still there by the end of the evening.
    • The handbrake looks very out of place and somewhat flimsy compared to the rest of the interior.
    • The claim to universalism is undone somewhat when at least half the world seems to be against you.
    • His was a somewhat turbulent childhood in which he knew both moderate wealth and poverty.
    • The etiquette of whether one should assist or not assist blind people is somewhat unclear.
    • He looks a bit like a courier, somewhat out of place in the opulent surroundings.
    • I was somewhat angry for what she said to me and my mother has always been able to do that.
    • Following the link took me to a page somewhat like this, which was all rather scary to say the least.
    • Besides, a later age is accustomed to having actors vary their birth name somewhat.
    • You're away from the stage by some margin and in this case the music seemed somewhat far off.
    • Jenia's look of bitterness slowly melts away to be replaced by a somewhat puzzled look.
    • I lost a loved one in a fire and can relate somewhat, but in her case it was an accident.
    • Are we saying that every woman has to look like a model or her worth is somewhat less?


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    the book is somewhat of a classic el libro es una especie de clásico / en cierto modo un clásico