Translation of son in Spanish:


hijo, n.

Pronunciation /sʌn//sən/


  • 1

    (male child)
    hijo masculine
    her youngest/eldest son su hijo menor/mayor
    • she has two sons tiene dos hijos
    • he's his father's/mother's son es digno hijo de su padre/madre
    • the son and heir el heredero
    • I was born and brought up here, the eldest son of Irish parents.
    • Parents with three daughters are about 10% more likely to get divorced than parents of three sons.
    • And some relatives don't even know where their parents, brothers or sons are being held.
    • The only people who have my home phone number are my work, my parents and my son's mother - I wonder which one of them it could have been?
    • Your problem is similar to that of parents whose sons show some talent on the football pitch.
    • Throughout their relationship, they had been the main parents to four sons, all of whom had been conceived in previous marriages.
    • Every good wish to the proud parents and their son for the future.
    • The data forces us to believe that urban, modern parents prefer sons.
    • The parents of two sons still make regular weekend visits to the parlor.
    • In many cultures, the couple relationship is secondary to the relationship with parents, especially between sons and mothers.
    • As the parents of three sons, my wife and I strived to teach them right from wrong and to tell the truth when asked a question regarding a wrong done to others.
    • Family dramas never die and this one tells the tale of two devoted parents and their four sons.
    • Alex is the son of British-Bulgarian parents, with an English mother, and a Bulgarian father.
    • Three years ago, his parents lost their son Michael, 14, in a road accident.
    • In the early nineties, I gave birth to a son and like all parents I do sometimes wonder what the future holds for him.
    • A lecturer who survived the tsunami disaster lost her husband, both her sons and her parents in the tragedy.
    • But Daniel was also a caring son who did his parents' garden and helped out at the pensioners' Christmas party.
    • It was earlier decided by the committee that only married sons with both parents should be included.
    • One of the messages read simply: ‘In memory of all those who lost their lives from very grateful parents whose two sons were saved.’
    • We are friendly with our neighbours, with people at work, and with the kids and parents at our son's school.
  • 2

    my son hijo mío