Translation of sonic in Spanish:


sónico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɑnɪk//ˈsɒnɪk/


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    • Dialogue is clearly heard and there are no distracting pops, hisses, or other such sonic flaws.
    • The work is more abstract and introvert than on Later, with melodies often scarce and distant, while the sonic scope seems narrower.
    • Hot Hot Heat may very much be a product of their influences but never before has it all been thrown together into such a vibrant sonic stew.
    • Unfazed, members of the band have, it seems, decided to evolve into sonic pioneers instead.
    • The welcome presence of sonic genius Jim O'Rourke joined them on stage.
    • As a familiar sonic picture, it doesn't mess with your head.
    • The Dolby Surround track, though clean, is the sonic equivalent of watching grass grow.
    • Hence, the sonic crack of the bullet is much louder than any noise produced by the weapon's operation.
    • Artists of all genres revere the Ryman for both historic and sonic reasons.
    • A sonic whistle is very old technology, to the point of almost being forgotten.
    • A number of sonic themes emerge as the music on this CD unfolds.
    • His delicate constructions are all entirely self-contained, giving an impression of great sonic diversity.
    • Yet, his sonic realm remains consistent all the way through.
    • The band's sonic fingerprint remains as distinctive as ever.
    • So songs swagger all over the sonic map from overly loud to whisper quiet.
    • This maybe the sonic equivalent of going to see a Bellini altarpiece in an art gallery, but I do not mind.
    • Quietude is a similarly becalmed sonic vista of placid sine-waves, nervous clicks and lithe atmospheric details.
    • It's not purely sonic pleasure: it's conflict and action and story.
    • The sonic assault of rock music has reached a point of diminishing returns.
    • The end result is a rich, triumphant sonic tapestry; you can hear every dollar that went into it.