Translation of soon in Spanish:


pronto, adv.

Pronunciation /suːn//sun/


  • 1

    (shortly, after a while)
    dentro de poco
    soon the days will be growing longer pronto / dentro de poco empezarán a hacerse más largos los días
    • I left soon afterward yo me fui poco después
    • it'll soon be spring ya falta poco para (que empiece) la primavera
    • they're coming soon after eight vienen poco después de las ocho
    • we shall soon know her answer pronto sabremos su respuesta
    • Hutton will be wrapping up his inquiry soon and the report will be out shortly afterwards.
    • We pray that the end of the war may come soon, and then once more we may know peace on earth.
    • Unless consumers make a fuss they will soon have no choice on how they enjoy digital music.
    • Once in place they seed very easily and can soon take over every available spot.
    • He said that there had been many applications and a short list would soon be drawn up.
    • It has novelty value but that will soon wear off once the menu options are exhausted.
    • Try different baits on each of the hooks, it will soon become evident what the fish prefer.
    • With all rear seats in place, the boot is quite small but soon transforms into a vast cavern.
    • I know of men who are in danger of losing their home if the money doesn't arrive soon.
    • With a lit coil around, the mosquitoes begin coughing and either stay away or soon die.
    • Zoe soon arrived and we headed back to Gee's where we sat outside and tried not to sound geeky.
    • It is almost a year since it was announced that the beleaguered vicar would resign as soon as he got a new job.
    • Being on board is like staying in a country house with everyone soon on first name terms.
    • The one drawback is that it is short lived and will soon become woody and overlarge.
    • They argued that if they would have to fight the ban they would prefer to start as soon as possible.
    • Keep going straight ahead and you soon reach a stream and stile leading to an old barn.
    • Still, we persevered and in spite of the traffic it was soon actually rather pleasant.
    • Indeed he says that many employees are resigned to the idea that they may soon have a new parent.
    • Taylor didn't object and soon began to laugh once more as they started to muck about.
    • Go the other way and you will soon arrive on one of the fabulous southern beaches.
  • 2

    • 2.1(early, quickly)

      how soon can you be here? ¿cuándo puedes llegar?
      • I finished sooner than I expected terminé antes de lo que esperaba
      • how soon can you have it ready? — Tuesday at the soonest ¿para cuándo me lo puedes tener listo? — para no antes del martes
      • it'll be here tonight — as soon as that? estará aquí esta noche — ¿tan pronto?
      • as soon as possible lo antes posible
      • the property becomes yours in ten years or upon my death, whichever is the sooner la propiedad pasa a ser tuya dentro de diez años o cuando yo me muera, lo que ocurra primero
      • she'd steal your purse as soon as look at you no tendría ningún escrúpulo en robarte el monedero
      • I kept putting her off, telling her it was too soon and if we bought it too early it would go off.
      • At this early stage it is too soon to say whether it has been a good or bad thing to do or what the repercussions of it all might be.
      • Sadly, we have also seen, all too soon, the bitter truth that lives are lost in wars.
      • Sometimes, the people that you want to say things to are snatched away from the world too soon.

    • 2.2

      as soon as en cuanto
      • as soon as he told me tan pronto como me lo dijo
      • as soon as you've finished, you can go en cuanto hayas terminado / tan pronto como hayas terminado, te puedes ir

  • 3

    I'd sooner not go, to be honest a decir verdad, preferiría no ir
    • sooner than go against her principles, she handed in her notice antes que actuar en contra de sus principios, prefirió dimitir
    • sooner you than me! me alegro de no ser yo el que tiene que hacerlo