Translation of soothe in Spanish:


calmar, v.

Pronunciation /suð//suːð/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) calmar
    (person) tranquilizar
    (nerves) calmar
    (longing) aplacar
    to soothe sb's vanity halagarle la vanidad a algn
    • to soothe sb's fears disipar los temores de algn
    • He soothed her with comforting words and finished the task.
    • At any rate, after about an hour calming him down and soothing him, we made some effort to get him back to sleep.
    • She let her mind focus on the sound of the waves and the birds, listening as the music they made soothed her nerves and calmed her mind.
    • The tapping sound somewhat soothed Carl, and lulled him into a sleepy state, only then to be reawakened by the icy wind.
    • He turned, walked back to her, turned and then walked back to the door again, the quiet rustle of feathers soothing him.
    • Sir Irwin held him down gently, soothing him with soft words and petting him.
    • I need something warm to calm my nerves, soothe my agitation.
    • In the years since her death in 1991, the Motor City music has comforted me, soothed me, reminded me of the very best elements of my mother and my ten years with her.
    • The secretary kept her voice gentle and calm, attempting to soothe the distressed mother.
    • The ritual of it soothed her, calmed her nerves - there was something very protective and safe about it all.
    • Just as her music soothes her baby to sleep, so the presence of each new daughter has had an effect on her writing and performing.
    • The fish in the aquarium act as a sedative to quiet and soothe the irritation of the long wait.
    • To soothe the feeling I curled up into a ball on my bed and tried to sleep.
    • Big, beautiful showy flowers have a tranquil effect that soothes you at the end of a long day.
    • The lullaby ‘My Darling’ tells the words of a parent soothing a child.
    • It's not a matter of soothing our feelings, it's about taking his responsibility.
    • The sound of his heartbeat soothed me, calming me down.
    • Somehow, the music soothed her, and calmed her down.
    • Jack's voice was calm, it soothed her, making her feel a bit safe.
    • After the beating, to soothe Papa's feelings, the children are required to say that it didn't hurt.
  • 2

    (pain/cough) aliviar
    (pain/cough) calmar
    • She heated a large cauldron for a bath to soothe her aches, and, sighing in contentment, sat down in it for a long soak.
    • Is there any cream or lotion I could use to soothe this pain?
    • If your gums hurt after brushing, apply ice to soothe the pain.
    • Taking to the waters to soothe aches and pains has been a hallmark of the resort for more than a century.
    • For Isabel, I prepared a mixture of oils which not only soothed the pain and relaxed her, but also stimulated the uterus and brought on labour.
    • Hopefully, the cold water will soothe the ache.
    • Hot showers, a humidifier, and gargling with warm saltwater aid drainage, shrink inflamed membranes and soothe sore-throat pain.
    • Her pale feet quickly became dirty as she stepped though a small cold muddy stream, soothing the pain on her feet's soles from running.
    • The echinacea, lavender, and tea tree kill germs and the St. John's wort soothes the pain.
    • The poor and the needy who turn up for treatment at the hospital are now confident that the free drug cell working inside this room will soothe their pain.
    • Many Gujarati Hindu women in fact shared it; they showed little inclination to soothe the pain of the victims and survivors.
    • There might have been withheld from the Saviour those strong religious consolations, those clear views of the justice and goodness of God, which would have blunted his pains and soothed his agonies.
    • It was as if her voice soothed the pain in my legs.
    • She shook out her hair and sat in the early sunlight awhile, letting its dry warmth soothe her lingering aches.
    • It's involved in glucosamine synthesis for speedier joint repair, and it soothes aches, pains and inflammation.
    • Creams that contain camomile lotion, steroid cream, or anaesthetic can soothe the pain of a bite, as can an antihistamine tablet.
    • Derived from peppermint leaves, menthol soothes muscle spasms, relieves pain, eases breathing and inflammatory conditions, such as tendonitis.
    • Now the liquid will merge with the leaves, increasing the effects of the chemicals, and soothing the pain.
    • He touched his cheek with his right hand and soothed the pain.
    • They were to help the wounded by soothing the pain until the true healers arrived.

intransitive verb

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