Translation of sop in Spanish:


concesión, n.

Pronunciation: /sɑp//sɒp/


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    concesión feminine
    sop to sth/sb
    • as a sop to sb's feelings/pride para no herir los sentimientos/el amor propio de algn
    • she gave him the job as a sop to her conscience le dio el empleo para acallar su conciencia
    • It should be possible to offer some sops to agencies which are diligent in repairing the roads dug up by them.
    • The great powers were focused on collective security; it was as a concession, a sop, that they consented to a peripheral project regarding human rights.
    • The main sop is a pledge to increase markets for US goods overseas by carrying out a more aggressive trade policy against Europe and Japan.
    • However, just tinkering with the exchange rate or giving a few sops to exporters is unlikely to ramp exports up by the kind of scale that a seven per cent growth entails.
    • There may be some sops to home-buyers in Wednesday's budget, possibly in the form of raising the threshold at which Stamp Duty becomes payable from £60,000 to £100,000.
    • The Government should, therefore, not act in haste and introduce subsidies and other sops for mitigating short-term repercussions, as these would affect the industry in the long run.
    • The Magazine, a big glossy monthly freebie with the Sydney Morning Herald and a sop to Sydney's more onanistic tendencies, last week came up with a list of Sydney's ten finest minds.
    • Here are some sops which might help politicians in spreading their net for votes.
    • The critical thing is that fostering civilized behavior should be a priority up front in the design of our foreign policy, not an afterthought, a sop to bleeding hearts, or a pretext for something else.
    • Only then will we get the council tax relief out area needs and put a sop to these ridiculously high rises.
    • As a sop to the public, murder is likely to be excepted from this change of jurisdiction; but who defines murder?
    • Those handwritten appraisals of titles by bookshops are merely a sop to political correctness and their own egos.
    • Media pundits have suggested it was a sop to appease the right wing in the cabinet.
    • There are added serrations at the front of the slide, a sop to popular demand more than a useful necessity unless you're going to mount a scope atop the pistol.
    • While the Centre seems content to follow a policy of wait-and-watch, the State governments say that by the time the sops are handed out, it would be too late.
    • But if he imagines that the country will be any the better for his cynical sops to the class-warrior wing of his party, he is mistaken.
    • Think of the good done - the minimum wages, the new deals and other sops to middle class consciences, they plead.
    • With major textile shops going all out to woo customers with sops, Loom World too is not far behind.
    • Looked at from afar both subsidies look like sops to the middle classes.
    • His comments on Monday may have been sops to a hostile and left leaning audience.
  • 2sops pl

    (of bread etc)
    (feminine plural) sopas
    • As such, soups or sops, as they were also known, became a dish with its own distinction, so did bisque.
    • At this time sops - pieces of bread - were used to soak up liquid mixtures, and these were often first toasted, which reduced their tendency to disintegrate.
    • By chance I'd had them the day before as a satisfactory sop for a piece of grilled sea bass at Kensington Place in west London.
    • Aleberry was ale boiled with spices and sugar and sops of bread.

Translation of SOP in Spanish:




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    standard operating procedure