Translation of sop up in Spanish:

sop up

rebañar, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • If you can, buy a dozen different wines, have a picnic in the car park with plenty of baguettes to sop up the wine, and select your favourites before going back in to buy them.
    • All Polish donuts, though, are greasy because the dense dough sops up the fry oil, and they tend to have a leathery paper tear-texture to the skin.
    • But if, like us, you have any sympathies towards English food whatsoever, you'll love the way they are soaking in the tomato gravy, getting all soggy and sopping up the flavours.
    • Mom grabbed a paper towel and sopped up the spilled coffee.
    • Hoppers are often eaten for breakfast, but Jaffrey emphasizes their versatility, and also their pleasing ability to sop up all sorts of juices and savoury or sweet flavours.
    • I took one look, took a very deep breath, and then used all the available towels to sop up the mess, much to the barely concealed amusement of Zachery.
    • We take bread and sop up the soup from the brown ceramic bowls.
    • Those same frozen fries gain similar respectability sopping up the cognac-tinged pan juices of rock 'n' roll beef, a staple of local Vietnamese menus that grew on me here.
    • Run it along your hairline to sop up excess sweat.
    • The batter sops up more than two grams of saturated fat and three grams of trans fat in the deep-fat fryer.