Translation of sophomore in Spanish:


estudiante de segundo curso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɒfəmɔː//ˈsɑf(ə)ˌmɔr/



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    (en una universidad o colegio secundario estadounidense) estudiante de segundo curso masculine
    • We were sophomores at Howard University doing a good deed on a winter's day.
    • The first book I was told to teach to sophomores was Conrad's Heart of Darkness.
    • Plenty of sophomores and even a few freshman showed up every year, but Samantha never really wanted to be one of them.
    • There are about 100 freshmen and sophomores in the program right now.
    • Juniors are more inclined to move off campus than sophomores, Griesse said.
    • A group of sophomores I recognised from school entered the door.
    • Only four freshmen and two sophomores auditioned, and they were quite unimpressive.
    • The senior class (along with the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) would split into random groups.
    • Yes, this was an actual note that I had gotten when I was in my sophomore year at high school.
    • The authors also intended the text to be used by underclassmen, that is, by freshmen or sophomores.
    • Reserve Officer Training Corps at Berkeley was mandatory for all male freshmen and sophomores in those years.
    • Two sophomores talked over lunch one day this spring semester about how food can bring people together.
    • Connecticut has four freshmen and two sophomores playing key roles.
    • So first semester of my sophomore year in high school was not the best time for me.
    • She was starting her first day of school as a sophomore and was not very excited about it.
    • Why are most of the victims physically weak such as university freshmen or sophomores or female students?
    • The freshmen and sophomores went to the short right hall, and the juniors and seniors went through the short left hall.
    • A few more people filtered in, all freshmen and sophomores.
    • We were both just sophomores in high school and neither of us had a job.
    • There are 10,000 thirsty freshman and sophomores who'd pay you for this program.