Translation of soporific in Spanish:


soporífero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsɑpəˈrɪfɪk//ˌsɒpəˈrɪfɪk/


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    (speech/music/drug) soporífero
    • Apart from these obvious attractions, I have always found it difficult to understand the appeal of this leisurely, some might say, soporific sport.
    • His voice is hypnotic, soporific - the kind of voice that could mesmerise you into taking all your clothes off and biting into an onion.
    • It was the air-con going off that disturbed my slumber once that soporific hum stopped.
    • When treated with skill, though, it can be sensational, and small quantities added to a soporific bed of Merlot can turn a snooze into a dance.
    • Regretfully, I know no soporific agent to make it all painless so that later on there is only a tiny scar on the skin that would remind one of the process.
    • Police Beat has a dreamlike quality; the strange crimes, quiet voice-over and soporific music meld together into a fascinating - and often comic experience.
    • Fort's colourful and amusing prose meanders through picturesque towns and sleepy villages where soporific suppers are served.
    • The soporific sound of creaking pine is usually enjoyed naked, with a chilled bottle of beer in one hand and, for authenticity, a leafy birch whisk in the other.
    • I shook my head and looked down at Shadow, now resting peacefully, the soporific noises of the waterfall lulling him to sleep.
    • And, while coffee prompted psychosis and sleeplessness, cocktails were soporific.
    • As regards the insomnia I've had lately, I can heartily recommend Somnus, a soporific combination of Lettuce extract and Valerian.
    • Black Nielson overshadowed them, with drowsy, soporific vocals, and unexpected twists and turns within each song.
    • Inactivity is soporific while exercise revives a sleepy brain.
    • Or that certain rock records (hello, late seventies?) aren't among the most soporific music ever devised.
    • Its concrete surface is the most soporific in the UK, and has been blamed for lulling drivers to sleep.
    • Instead, I stood mesmerised by his soporific chanting.
    • Fortunately, the orchestra was not so soporific.
    • My nerves, still shredded from the bruising motorway journey North, gradually soothed as I lay back in the warm, soporific waters of the outdoor whirlpool, staring at the inky black night sky.
    • If you've been to Fiji, you've probably been talked into a bowl of kava, a soporific drink made out of the crushed roots of a local shrub and traditionally drunk with coconut cups.
    • We are sitting through a multitude of soporific briefings.


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    somnífero masculine