Translation of soppy in Spanish:


sentimentaloide, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɑpi//ˈsɒpi/

adjectivesoppier, soppiest


  • 1

    he's completely soppy about / on her se le cae la baba por ella informal
    • And you're not the only soppy romantic around here.
    • Without getting all soppy about it, we've been a great story for football, haven't we?
    • I was like some girl in a movie theatre, watching this heart-breakingly sad moment in a soppy romantic movie and wanting to stop the moment.
    • I come clean in admitting I am a soppy sentimentalist at heart.
    • You don't have to sit in the full lotus position with a soppy smile on your face.
    • Some story threads are underdeveloped, and Emily's soppy character is wisely ditched early on.
    • The lifeboat fund can well do without such soppy sentiments.
    • He was bold, outrageous, witty, shocking and sympathetic without being the least bit soppy or sentimental.
    • The message is a bit soppy, but most of the story isn't.
    • You love all things fluffy and lovely, and probably enjoy romantic novels and soppy poems.
    • What threatens to be merely a soppy love story among the wagons and petticoats becomes something more dramatic.
    • There's no story; no soppy lyrics; it's not exploitative or nasty; it's closer to circus, but with simpler tricks and better music.
    • Having started off writing formulaic commercial fiction, soppy stories for women's magazines, she now begins each novel knowing little more than how she wants it to feel.
    • You could do soppy romantic things like that and people would just roll their eyes at you and leave you be.
    • It is clever without being slick, sentimental without being soppy.
    • I thought it was going to be some soppy 1930's romantic comedy and while it wasn't exactly Kafka it was better than I was expecting.
    • But after they'd proved to each other they weren't soppy romantics, they admitted there was more to the story.
    • If you're soppy and sentimental you may like it; but otherwise, I wouldn't bother.
    • I feel it is very insulting to be treated as a silly, soppy older woman.
    • And with that unfocused and slightly soppy sentiment, I'm off to bed.
    • As a soppy old romantic I didn't mind who got the girl as long as Arthur got his cup of tea.
    • He wanted to tell her that, soppy and sickeningly sentimental as it sounded, he'd have missed her more than words could entirely express.