Translation of sort in Spanish:


tipo, n.

Pronunciation: /sɔrt//sɔːt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of things)

      tipo masculine
      clase feminine
      all sorts of adventures todo tipo / toda clase de aventuras
      • what sort of car is it? ¿qué tipo / clase de coche es?
      • it's definitely my sort of film/book decididamente, este es el tipo / la clase de película/libro que a mí me gusta
      • it's a nice enough place, if you like that sort of thing es un sitio bastante agradable, si te gusta ese tipo de cosa
      • and all that sort of thing y todo eso
      • you know the sort of thing I mean ya sabes a lo que me refiero
      • I believe he's a musician or something of the sort creo que es músico o algo por el estilo
      • what sort of time do you call this to be coming home? ¿qué horas son estas de llegar a casa?
      • behavior of that sort will not be tolerated no se tolerará ese tipo de comportamiento
      • don't tell lies: I didn't say anything of the sort no digas mentiras: no dije nada semejante
      • I expected him to be arrogant, but he was nothing of the sort creía que iba a ser arrogante, pero no lo era en absoluto
      • you'll do nothing of the sort! ¡ni se te ocurra!
      • How does race fit into those sorts of categories?
      • All sorts of once-dominant communication media have fallen by the wayside, just as soon as something better has come along.
      • All sorts of weather records were smashed by devastating storms, but there's a reason behind all of this meteorological madness.
      • All sorts of treasures have been found in the pile of waste, which is why the council receives income from the salvage contractor to help provide funding for a recycling advisor at the site.
      • All sorts of institutions could be opened up to greater balance: lawyers, bankers, football coaches, the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
      • All sorts of interesting testable hypotheses open up here.
      • All sorts of stories about his past are doing the rounds ahead of what is called a major profile on the Sunday this weekend.
      • All sorts of vacation camps have been springing up all over the place during the holidays, offering programmes ranging from yoga to karaoke classes.
      • All sorts of plants grow in rock gardens, thriving in sunny warm spots, dry ravines, damp gullies, and many other variations of temperature and soil conditions.
      • All sorts of people receive Honorary Doctorates for their respective contributions to the region's development but so far, I have not heard your name.
      • All sorts of different kinds of property are treated differently by the law, not just intellectual property.
      • All sorts of implications go racing through your mind at this time and I wanted to share these with you.
      • All sorts of cries started to ring out from the animals - starting first with the large black birds flying overhead.
      • All sorts of rumors had been circulating over the weeks prior, and me being the secretive type, derived a perverse pleasure in being privy to the real story.
      • All sorts of casseroles, stews and braised dishes work well cooked in just one pot, but you can also consider soup for starters and steamed or baked sponge pudding afterwards.
      • All sorts of theories were being bandied about.
      • All sorts of fascinating information is bubbling up from the depths and flooding in from the ethers this week.
      • All sorts of people and groups will be making their way to the South Australian arid north, and ‘Earthdream’ will be one of those.
      • All sorts of fringe players set up on the pavement.
      • All sorts of new technologies are now being built into buildings and into computer systems in a way that hadn't been done before, because of this.

    • 1.2(of people)

      she's not the sort to let you down no es de las que te fallan
      • I'm not that sort of girl yo no soy de esas
      • they're not our sort (of people) at all no son gente como uno
      • that's the sort of person he is él es así
      • I know your sort ya sé de qué pie cojeas
      • a bad/good sort una mala/buena persona
      • it takes all sorts (to make a world) hay de todo en la viña del Señor

    • 1.3(approximating to)

      a sort of /sort of a una especie de
      • he's a sort of painter / he's sort of a painter es una especie de pintor
      • it's sort of a bluish-green color es una especie de verde azulado

  • 2

    of sorts
    • of a sort
    • he gave us a meal of sorts nos dio una comida, si se le puede llamar comida
    • you could say he was a friend of a sort, I suppose supongo que se lo podría calificar de amigo
    • sort of
    • I do sort of think we should do something creo que quizás deberíamos hacer algo
    • it's sort of sad to think of him all alone da como pena pensar que está solo
    • do you want to go? — well, sort of ¿quieres ir? — bueno, en cierto modo sí
    • this is what you wanted, isn't it? — well, sort of es lo que querías ¿no? — bueno, más o menos
    • out of sorts mal
    • I'm feeling a bit out of sorts no me encuentro muy bien

transitive verb

  • 1

    (papers/letters/parcels/stamps) clasificar
    we were sorted into groups according to our level nos pusieron en grupos de acuerdo a / según nuestro nivel
    • sort the ones with job experience from the ones without divídelos en dos grupos según tengan o no experiencia laboral
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intransitive verb

  • 1literary

    to sort ill/well with sth no concordar/concordar con algo