Translation of soufflé in Spanish:


suflé, n.

Pronunciation /suˈfleɪ//ˈsuːfleɪ/


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    suflé masculine
    • Bake soufflés for 12-15 minutes.
    • You do know your chef is known not only for his soufflés, but for his excellence in creating dessert masterpieces, don't you?
    • When their time comes, he and Edwina have got the soufflés just right, but the tatins are so over-caramelised they're like charcoal.
    • Beneath its delicate, crackling exterior, the ricotta was warm, meltingly soft and cloudlike, some ethereal intermediate between soufflé and softly scrambled egg.
    • Eggs have so much potential - a soufflé, cakes, crème brûlée, salmon mousse - or just a good, open omelette filled with seasonal vegetables.
    • There is always a soufflé on the a la carte and the lunch menu.
    • Never mind soufflé, meringue or mayonnaise, most Britons are left looking like culinary oafs by the simple oeuf.
    • I kneeled to peer at them through the oven window and watched as they began to bronze and puff like miniature soufflés.
    • I attempt to redress the balance with these little chocolate puddings - fluffy outside and molten within, a cross between a soufflé and a sponge pudding.
    • Continue with the soufflés by whisking the egg whites until soft peaks form.
    • Even seven-and-a-half minutes is long enough to kill a soufflé.
    • How I look is the last thing on my mind as I'm trying to cook a soufflé or a dessert in 20 minutes.
    • Not only do they thicken and enrich sauces, bind stuffings, lighten and expand on whisking to create soufflés and meringues, they can also be cooked in a variety of ways to serve as a meal in their own right.
    • In the 17th century, cooks discovered that beating egg whites in copper bowls gave body and volume to exciting new foams which they could set as meringues and soufflés.
    • It could barely have been better: the soufflé was light and moist, and perfectly complemented by a rich, creamy sauce given an edge by the confit.
    • It takes no special skill to breathe, nor does it take any special talent to make a soufflé.
    • Get married, own a business, have children, run a marathon, care for a dying relative, bake a perfect soufflé, practice yoga.
    • I scooped up a spoonful: the soufflé was airy, eggy, and sweet, with a thin crust of sugar where it met the ramekin's edge.
    • I finally got the soufflé in the oven and started on the chocolate tart, only to realize that we didn't have cocoa.
    • We all go a little bit silly over soufflés, but the trick to a great one is not magic, it's science.