Translation of soul-destroying in Spanish:


desmoralizador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsoʊldəˌstrɔɪɪŋ//ˈsəʊldɪˌstrɔɪɪŋ/


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    • I've had three years earning hardly any money, and long lie-ins are OK for a while but then they get pretty soul-destroying.
    • But for reviewers, having to sift through mountains of published works attempting to find something worthy of praise can also be a soul-destroying task.
    • You see, I wouldn't mind it at all if it wasn't so mind-numbing and soul-destroying.
    • But instead of the life of soul-destroying mediocrity that he expected, Jack realises that he rather likes the role of husband to the unfeasibly nice Kate and father to their darling children.
    • This last 9 months in the wilderness of soul-destroying job applications and mind-numbing temp jobs had worn me down.
    • If you are in the market on your own, then it can be very soul-destroying.
    • The last 15 minutes are particularly soul-destroying.
    • To become an adult in 1945 meant to be brought up during the Depression, experiencing at first or second-hand soul-destroying unemployment and often miserable poverty.
    • Her Justine is a bored shopgirl inhabiting a soul-destroying existence in deepest Texas.
    • During her remarkable, epic voyage, Richards, who started sailing as as child in Helensburgh, had to overcome hurricanes, icebergs and soul-destroying solitude.
    • It may seem a soul-destroying task to set about documenting, in words and pictures, the creatures that have perished in the past 500 years, but this project is one of the most exciting I have ever been involved in.
    • These people were the ones who were always picked last for football teams, and who find working as a team a soul-destroying activity.
    • Any company that advertises itself as ‘fun’ is simply making a desperate and futile attempt to distract attention away from the soul-destroying mundanity that is the reality of its day-to-day life.
    • We were winning every week but so were they and, in the end, it became soul-destroying because we just could not close the gap.
    • From this spring, passengers can check in online, and a bigger on-board baggage allowance will cut down the sometimes soul-destroying experience of watching suitcases go round the baggage carousels.
    • As loveless marriages go, it is threatening to become the most soul-destroying variety.
    • He and Buster have already had to travel alone for hours, a soul-destroying experience for man and horse.
    • An unhappy office can be more than just soul-destroying, it can seriously damage people's lives.
    • Since the job of sorting through the slush pile is generally reckoned to be soul-destroying, it is almost invariably given to the newest and most junior member of staff: the one who is in no position to refuse.
    • But the factory, and the soul-destroying drudgery of assembly line work, was the fate of most.