Translation of soulful in Spanish:


enternecedor, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsəʊlf(ə)l//ˈsoʊlfəl//ˈsəʊlfʊl/


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    • Alicia's soulful voice only adds a deeper intensity to each of the songs' lyrics.
    • He had the same cute face and dirty blonde hair, the same deep, soulful brown eyes.
    • They were a deep, soulful grey which made any beholder know she was sincerely listening to you.
    • Fenix glanced at her, his soulful gaze locking with hers in that instant.
    • Her voice was deep and soulful, urgent and serious, velvety.
    • Everything seems so artificial, and not soulful and not passionate.
    • He has a killer voice that's deep, powerful, soulful and just generally pretty outstanding.
    • What struck him the most though were her gorgeous, expressive, soulful, pale blue eyes.
    • So much time had already passed between them, so many moments, stolen glances and soulful looks.
    • She looked Vincent in the eyes, her deep brown eyes soulful and serious.
    • MacDonald has a beautiful voice and a soulful expression, and plays Grace perfectly.
    • The Adagio of this quartet is typically soulful, emotionally wrenching music.
    • Silent and soulful, Gerardo seeks emotional connection in liaisons with other men.
    • Her voice has grown a bit deeper, but mostly it's been enriched with a soulful breathiness and grit.
    • Its ears were long and brown and smooth, and its eyes were deep brown and soulful.
    • Our lips meet in a deep soulful kiss filled with passion and longing.
    • However, Byrne manages to suggest more than he actually shows, and his soulful expression conveys a good deal.
    • He shook his head, pushing my hair out of my face so I was looking deep into his soulful eyes.
    • His eyes sort of changed when he said it, the coldness was replaced with something deep and soulful.
    • He locked gazes with me again and the level of emotions swimming in his soulful eyes actually made me gulp.