Translation of soundtrack in Spanish:


banda sonora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsaʊn(d)trak//ˈsaʊn(d)ˌtræk/


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    banda sonora feminine
    • He wrote his own scripts, composed most of the musical soundtracks and was the cinematographer in a number of his films.
    • Far worse, however, are the moments in the film when music from the soundtrack is actually sung by characters on the screen.
    • A soundtrack to the film has also been released, featuring music from the singer himself.
    • But it's with the archive recordings of film soundtracks that the orchestra has really struck gold.
    • So we have to have a musical soundtrack to sport now in the same way we need a musical soundtrack to film?
    • Aside from the outline of their plots, however, these two films share another affinity: their musical soundtracks.
    • It's all a bit like watching a musical with the wrong soundtrack.
    • This is mainly a dialogue driven comedy, so the soundtrack aptly supports the film.
    • Symphony orchestras are playing movie soundtracks in a pitch for younger listeners, few of whom would ever watch a movie without pictures.
    • I was sitting in my room, on my bed, listening to soundtracks of old musicals, one of the many things we both love, and Tina was standing in front of my full length mirror, fussing over her stomach.
    • All of this is accompanied by a hypnotic soundtrack, something like the noise of a heavy rain-storm or the static of a blank screen.
    • Later, he moved to Hollywood, and recorded many movie soundtracks between 1934 and 1948.
    • These final scenes are shot in slow motion, framed by a haunting Persian musical soundtrack.
    • This is a subtle experience that is only noticed at the end of the film as the rhythmic soundtrack accompanies the audience out of the door.
    • Any Asian film that doesn't happen to be a martial arts triumph is left behind because the buy-back buyers steer clear of annoying subtitles or classical music soundtracks.
    • The principles of montage and the long take are also extended to the soundtrack of his films.
    • The soundtrack supports the film very well, and sometimes that's all you can ask for.
    • It is possible to construct a film soundtrack entirely out of classical music.
    • European classical music replaces traditional Senegalese music on the soundtrack.
    • Just as our local theatres are inundated with the prescribed barrage of spring and summer movie releases, it naturally follows that an equivalent number of soundtracks will accompany them.