Translation of soup plate in Spanish:

soup plate

plato sopero, n.


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    plato sopero masculine
    plato hondo masculine
    plato de sopa masculine
    • Dinner plates, soup plates and meat dishes, which were produced in their thousands for affluent 18th century families, were usually of plain circular design until 1740.
    • To serve, arrange some beet slices in a soup plate, sprinkle with fleur de sel and spoon some salad on top.
    • Served in a wide soup plate in a shallow pool of vanilla cream, were two oval scoops of almond ice-cream and a little cylinder of oven-baked, whipped egg whites.
    • Place the lentil salad in large soup plates, pour on the sauce and, finally, place the skewers across the plate on top of the salad.
    • Arrange 2 or 3 slices of potato in the bottom of each soup plate, and place 1 trout fillet on top of the potatoes in each plate.
    • To serve, spoon some of the lentil ragout into a soup plate.
    • Again, beautiful plating: the risotto was served in the deep hollow of a large-rimmed soup plate, with a petal of slow-roasted tomato on top, and a decorative couteau shell balanced from the side onto the risotto.
    • To serve, soon some tomato water into a soup plate and place a mound of heirloom tomatoes in the center.
    • The latter resembled small soup plates about seven inches in diameter, and because of their shape were more expensive to produce than the larger dessert plates.
    • Spoon the oysters in sauce onto a soup plate and drizzle with the lettuce cream.
    • To serve, invert a flan mold of creme caramel custard onto the center of a soup plate and remove the mold.
    • She'd lick the soup plate clean of everything except the peas and carrots, which she left in separate neat piles on either side of the dish.
    • A large soup plate arrived with a hot plate of goulash.
    • In the past I have enjoyed his pork cheek braised with Chinese spices which he used to serve, if memory serves me right, in a soup plate: a rustic presentation and all the better for it.
    • Spoon some asparagus jus in the center of a soup plate and some risotto in the center.
    • Each guest helps himself to both and eats them together in a big soup plate.
    • To serve, spoon the vegetable couscous in the center of a soup plate, arrange some rabbit loin, rabbit saddle, and kidneys on top, and garnish with tarragon.
    • Spoon into soup plates or dinner plates; garnish with thyme sprigs.
    • He serves it in a soup plate, surrounded by a modest quantity of a rich, winey reduction and heretical though that may be, that improved it.
    • To serve place a 3-inch ring mold in the center of a soup plate, fill with some tomatoes, and remove the ring mold.