Translation of souse in Spanish:


marinar, v.

Pronunciation /saʊs//saʊs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    soused herrings arenques en escabeche
    • to be soused estar como una cuba
    • Shredded carrots are soused in soy sauce and mixed with sesame seeds, coriander and arame, a Japanese algae seaweed product.
    • Choppy waves soused the seaweed which clung to the rocks.
    • My savarin with rum and muscatel tasted like a stale doughnut soused in wine.
  • 2

    to souse sth in sth empapar algo en algo
    • the salad was soused in oil la ensalada nadaba en aceite
    • to souse sb with sth empapar a algn con algo