Translation of south in Spanish:


sur, n.

Pronunciation /saʊθ//saʊθ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(point of the compass, direction)

      sur masculine
      the south, the South el sur
      • it lies to the south of the city está al sur de la ciudad
      • the wind is blowing from / is in the south el viento sopla / viene del sur / del Sur
      • the house faces the south la casa da / mira al sur
      • south by east sur cuarta al sudeste / sureste
      • south-southeast sursudeste
      • south-southwest sursudoeste
      • The only point left on the compass to follow was south.
      • West Belfast is located on hills to the west and north; therefore the main view is to the south and to the east.
      • To the south, west, and east it is bordered by Indian states; to the north lies Tibet.
      • The vineyards lie in the valleys sandwiched between the mountains of western Otago and the hills to the south and east.
      • To the south, San Carlos climbs upwards towards the central mountains.
      • For example, if the compass reads south as you face the office's front door, then the back part of the room is the north section, the left is east, and the right is west.
      • Particularly badly affected were those coming into town from the south.
      • The new landmark is on the roundabout that marks the entrance to the Perthshire town from the south.
      • However, they did not realise the container was going directly to the south of Ireland, a trip that would normally take 42 hours.
      • The site is open to the north, east and west, with homes to the south.
      • To date, we have recorded aftershocks over a broad region, primarily extending to the south and east of the epicenter.
      • It turned and began to head in a direct line to the south.
      • They apparently walked to the south in the direction of Pakistan and at around 6am were approached by soldiers from a nearby army post.
      • The church adjoins narrow cobbled alleyways to the south, but hideous seventies offices to east and west.
      • The site is bordered to the north by Duval Street, to the east by Julia Street, to the south by Adams Street and to the west by Broad Street.
      • It is bordered by Eritrea to the north, Djibouti to the east, Kenya to the south, and the Sudan to the west.
      • The Atlantic lies to the west, and the Indian Ocean to the south and east.
      • Directly to the south is a covered loggia with an outdoor fireplace.
      • It shares a border with Colombia to the west, with Brazil to the south, and with Guyana to the east.
      • And when I moved in a particular direction, this time to the south and east, it shone out like a light.
      • She turned to the south, the direction from which the noise had come.
      • Today the small spring branch that drains the limestone hills to the south is routed directly to the river.
      • It points to every direction on the compass: north, south, east and west.

    • 1.2(region)

      the south, the South el sur
      • a town in the south of Texas una ciudad del sur / en el sur de Texas

  • 2

    (in US history)
    the South el Sur
  • 3South

    (in bridge)
    Sur masculine


  • 1

    (wall/face) (invariable adjective) sur
    (wall/face) meridional
    (wind) del sur


  • 1

    al sur
    the house faces south la casa da / mira al sur
    • he headed south se dirigió hacia el sur
    • south of sth al sur de algo
    • it is south of New York está al sur de Nueva York
    • Perhaps, young and experienced as they are, they fly south every time it feels a bit like winter.
    • The Spring River forms in Howell County of southcentral Missouri just a few miles south of the Eleven Point River and near the Mark Twain National Forest, then flows southward into Arkansas at Mammoth Springs in Fulton County.
    • The plan had been to drive south all morning, stopping off at various orchards and demonstration fields along the way.
    • When Scotland head south this week for three games in five days, maidens of a different ilk will be on their minds, of course.
    • After the gathering as I journeyed south to Kilkeel I listened to Rosie’s experiences over the last year, ones that have been characterised by so much pain, conflict and pressure.
    • As I was driving south I saw a sign for Providence Canyon and eventually a sign for Kolomoki Mounds State Park.
    • The company rides towards the wood, then veers south, parallel to the edge of the trees.
    • Their mother, a part-time doctor in Kuujjuaq, will also head south this summer.
    • The team, in existence for just three years, travelled south confident that they would be capable of making the difference between the teams count.
    • Then we drove the 200 km south to get to Tauranga.
    • Once the buyers, predominantly English farmers, had bought their herds the common practice was to hire some local drovers to drive the cattle south into England.
    • The team however did themselves and their many supporters who made the long trek south proud and they lost nothing in defeat against a well honed local challenge.