Translation of South African in Spanish:

South African

sudafricano, adj.


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    • Yesterday I visited the South African rugby museum at Newlands in Cape Town.
    • When the South African players reached their hotel in Cape Town late on Thursday night, they were not too weary to display a few smiles.
    • She went on to laud Cape Town for being the first South African city to adopt an outstanding piece of contemporary art as a public monument.
    • A South African woman, who did not want to be named, became the second person in the county to be awarded citizenship in the new ceremony, introduced this year.
    • Henry Cornelius was born in Cape Town, into a South African German-Jewish family, on 18 August 1913.
    • The collection includes Mandela's personal diaries, which were written on desk calendars bearing breezy pictures of South African landmarks.
    • Fish-lovers can angle for a sumptuous treat at a new West London restaurant which promises an eclectic mix of the finest British seafood with a touch of South African flair.
    • The government says the new administration panel, appointed by the communications ministry, is more representative of the South African people.
    • Demographic change has been one of the most important but least explained phenomena in South African history.
    • A typical posy bouquet includes roses, double-headed white freesias, foliage, and subtly coloured South African nuts and berries.
    • The former world-class athlete had crafted a seamless return and established himself as a powerful figure in South African business and political life.
    • Four years later I was fortunate enough to see him address the South African parliament in Cape Town.
    • The great South African southern Cape has an Algerian-like terrain and climate.
    • There's no jetlag problem as there is a time difference of only one hour during the South African winter (and no difference at all in their summer).
    • Last month the South African President visited Britain.
    • This is an exciting modern South African hotel which does much more than offer luxury accommodation and exceptional views over Cape Town's Atlantic coast.
    • And, no matter how things go in Spain, both should be able to play in the two South African events that form part of the 2006 tour season before Christmas.
    • The supermarket buys wine and fruit from South African producers.
    • This part of the Eastern Cape is far from the major South African consumer markets of Gauteng and the Western Cape.
    • A group of Bolton teachers are jetting off to Cape Town to find out how their South African counterparts are tackling the subject of citizenship.


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    sudafricano masculine
    sudafricana feminine
    surafricano masculine
    surafricana feminine
    • Interestingly, Americans also accept more of the compliments they are given than do South Africans.
    • I wonder how he got on with the South Africans who played for the Rest of the World teams during the recent matches in Australia.
    • The local MP quotes an estimate that as many as 20,000 South Africans live there.
    • The Cape Parrot is only found in South Africa - and South Africans have not been kind to it.
    • Four other South Africans and six Armenian aircrew were also given long sentences.
    • I'm tempted to say simply that South Africans, across the board, need to grow a sense of humour.
    • But at least they came away from this match with a win, which is more than the South Africans can say.
    • Unlike most South Africans, he is not fond of beer, preferring cider, which is not sold here.
    • Both praised the city for its beauty and the friendliness of South Africans.
    • On the day of the win against the South Africans, there was relief, not celebration.
    • My return flight was spent reading articles about how one in eight South Africans is HIV positive.
    • A week later in Wellington, the South Africans will be put to the test as well.
    • Turned out they were just two South Africans who happened to be standing in the queue together.
    • If South Africans are inclined to believe him, it may be because of the lessons of the past.
    • There were a few animated discussions between Australians and South Africans in the match.
    • With the temperature hitting 36 degrees, two South Africans were hospitalised.
    • The next challenge is a sterner one, even if the South Africans are having a tough time in Sri Lanka.
    • Two South Africans have been here for a few days looking for their sister.
    • Food and drink on the tour were of high quality, though the English and South Africans baulked at the cost.
    • Around 43 per cent of South Africans said they got angry when their computer played up.