Translation of southeast in Spanish:


el sudeste, n.


Pronunciation /saʊθˈiːst//ˌsaʊθˈist/


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    el sudeste
    el Sudeste
    el sureste
    el Sureste
    • Turn right here to climb up to the base of the monument, where there are views north-west over Folly Loch and the Eildons beyond, and to the south-east over Teviotdale towards the Cheviots.
    • The small bay to the south-east of the site may also be incorporated as a marina for the waterfront residents.
    • The second element of the project is to provide an underground car-park alongside and to the south-east of the existing buildings.
    • Beaumaris lies to the south-east of the Isle of Anglesey, and offers stunning views of the Menai Strait and Snowdonia.
    • A man in a carpet shop said that if we were serious we should go to a small town 60 miles to the south-east called Haqqari.
    • Our next dive was 6 hours later and several miles further to the south-east.
    • Direct sunlight is eliminated by orientating glazed sides to the south-east.
    • It is bordered by Croatia to the north and west, Serbia to the east, and Montenegro to the south-east.
    • Later it emerged that they had gone to see Tzekos in Glyfada to the south-east of Athens.
    • Ben Loyal lies to the east, Ben Klibreck to the south-east and the hills of Assynt further west.
    • Travelling south from Preston, it begins to swing to the south-east at Adlington and then skirts Blackrod.
    • A short distance to the south-east, along a fantastic little rocky ridge, lies the last summit of the day, Loft Crag.
    • A little to the south-east of this summit lies a curious constellation of rock tors, three individual outcrops of fine-grained granite.
    • To the south-east of Koh Tao is Shark Island, named, rather disappointingly, because of the shape of a shark fin formed by the top of the island itself.
    • Cozumel lies approximately 30 km to the south-east of Cancun.
    • To the south-east was a stepped entrance leading down into the hut, which had niches cut into its edge.
    • Fuar Tholl radiates three spurs, to the north, the south and to the south-east, and it is on these spurs that the great rock features of the mountain are prominent.
    • To the south-east lay Cyprus and Egypt; to the north, the Dardanelles and the Black Sea; westwards the mainland of Greece and the island of Crete.
    • They basically moved in three directions: two to the south and one to the south-east.
    • From here, you can swim about 50m to the south-east along the shoreline, and find a submarine.
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    el sudeste
    el sureste
    • Many of the buyers, particularly at the top end of the market, have fled the overcrowded south-east of England, enticed north by lower prices and a better quality of life.
    • The summer festivals have ended, but if it is music you seek, then the sunny south-east is the place to be over the next few weeks.
    • Another concern is the continuation of drought conditions across much of the south-east of the country.
    • The sunny south-east seems to be a popular choice.
    • But the growth has yet to reach the south-east, the region which has been hardest hit by the recent droughts.
    • The south-east of the country has long been one of the more popular locations for those seeking to purchase a second home in Ireland.
    • London and the south-east of England continue to be the favoured destinations for Irish investors.
    • If there is one place in Ireland that they have a better chance of some sunshine, it's in the sunny south-east.
    • Since his move to the south-east, he's become passionate about the region.
    • The only region which has seen a slowdown has been the south-east of England.
    • There was a markedly lower life expectancy in the older industrial regions of the north, Wales, and Scotland, than in the county towns and spas of the English south-east and the West Midlands.
    • The coastal regions, especially in the south-east, have undergone rapid economic growth while the vast remote areas remain undeveloped.
    • And it is one of the few places outside London and the south-east to make it on to the rich towns league table out today.
    • Search teams, including cocoa and coffee planters, have begun combing the forested south-east from Biche to Sangre Grande.
    • The south-east of the island is home to most of the recognisable resort areas such as Magaluf and Santa Ponsa, and so is better for rentals, but is not really what most people want for their own use.
    • Camberley is another one of those familiar dormitory towns that punctuate the south-east of England.
    • The villagers died when petrol gushing out of the vandalised pipeline in a rural region in the south-east of the country caught fire.
    • Areas in Morocco that have been invaded by locusts are concentrated in the southeast of the country.
    • The Tall Ships Race will be worth in the region of €20m to Waterford and the south-east.
    • The south-east of England already has the population to sustain improved infrastructure and cable traffic; in Scotland it is more of a challenge.


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    (invariable adjective) sudeste
    (invariable adjective) sureste
    del sudeste
    del sureste


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    hacia el sudeste
    hacia el sureste
    en dirección sudeste
    en dirección sureste