Translation of southern in Spanish:


del sur, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsəðərn//ˈsʌð(ə)n/


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    (region) del sur
    (region) meridional
    (region) (invariable adjective) sur
    (country) del sur
    (country) meridional
    the southern areas of the country las zonas sur / del sur / meridionales del país
    • floods in southern Italy inundaciones en el sur de Italia
    • (in US) the southern states los estados del sur
    • southern Europe Europa meridional
    • the Southern Hemisphere el hemisferio austral / sur
    • the southern lights la aurora austral
    • Rescue crews were heading toward Margate, on the southern English coast, where they hoped to let the whale back out to sea.
    • Travelling towards the southern city of Galle, one can see plenty of evidence of the lack of any reconstruction.
    • The monastery of St. Naum is situated at the southern end of the lake, in the striking natural environment.
    • In fact it is situated about halfway between Sommières and the southern coast of France.
    • It spawns in the Indian Ocean south of Java and then migrates around Australia's southern coast.
    • It wasn't until I got back home that I figured out what makes the southern coast unique, in this island at least.
    • Singapore is situated at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula to which it is connected by a causeway carrying a road and railway.
    • Along this portion of coast we have some of the most diverse and rich bird life on the southern African coast.
    • A large number of new hotels are being built along the southern coast.
    • At issue is a pocket of land at Recherche Bay on Tasmania's southern coast.
    • We turned off the freeway into southern Nevada and on towards our final destination for the day, the town of Williams, Arizona.
    • It has lost strength, but it's still on track to make landfall near the southern Texas coast.
    • This too has been a cause of congestion as Market Street narrows towards its southern end.
    • Agadir, on the Atlantic coast of southern Morocco, is a modern town of no particular distinction.
    • It stands on a rocky shoreline on the southern coast of Gibraltar, just a few miles away from the African continent.
    • This is the largest archaeological site in southern Iraq, situated east of the present course of the Euphrates.
    • The dining hall went past my quarters towards the southern side of the building.
    • Sheep once again graze the surrounding hillside and shiny new tractors work the fields near the southern coast.
    • It juts out into the water like a finger pointing at the southern Maine coast.
    • To the east lies the wild promontory of Portofino, whose southern coast is accessible only on foot or by sea.