Translation of southwest in Spanish:


el sudoeste, n.


Pronunciation /saʊθˈwɛst//ˌsaʊθˈwɛst/


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    el sudoeste
    el Sudoeste
    el suroeste
    el Suroeste
    • One entrance opened to the north-east, a second to the south, a third to the south-west.
    • It contains the north-western suburbs of Johannesburg as well as western Randburg to the north and Florida to the south-west.
    • It said an extension to the south-west was the only one which proved be viable.
    • The wreck points to the south-west, so a south-east to north-west search with an echo-sounder presents the best chance of success.
    • The Tanzania-Malawi system includes the crystalline Eastern Arc mountains and volcanic mountains to the south-west.
    • At Mildenhall Fen, ten miles to the south-west, two similar middens were excavated, again without any evidence for buildings.
    • They were going north-east, but when the tide turned, they would sweep back towards the south-west.
    • A town of 3,600 people, Avaj is close to the top of a high pass through the rugged Nobaran mountains on the main road between Qazvin and Hamedan to the south-west.
    • He passed through the town centre of Brentwood and took the road to the south-west, telling himself to remain more or less within the speed limit.
    • Across the road to the south-west was the third circle, about half the size of the great circle.
    • Several quarries still operate in the Gosford area just north of Sydney, and one near Bundanoon to the south-west.
    • To the south-west is the Mormond hill, which shelters Strichen from the icy winds coming off the North Sea.
    • The great house they built may just be ridges in the field to the south-west of the church, but you feel you have met them, Sir Arthur Throckmorton, an Elizabethan squire, and his wife.
    • Bellacorick power station and wind farm are 15 km to the south-west.
    • By the 10th century, Hamwic had been largely abandoned in favour of a site a short distance to the south-west, where a defended settlement was established.
    • The effect of this slip has been to displace north-western parts of Sumatra a few metres to the south-west.
    • The house's main view is to the south-west, so we are very fortunate in experiencing beautiful sunsets most nights in the summer and early autumn.
    • Both courses are on a peninsula and as you look over the water, you can see Carnoustie to the north-west and Muirfield in North Berwick to the south-west.
    • His finger traced a path to the south-west, navigating mountains and rivers with deceptive ease.
    • Geelong, 80 kilometres to the south-west, is the home to the second-oldest Australian Rules club.
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    el sudoeste
    el suroeste
    • For three weeks since arriving in Bolivia I'd resisted the lure of the far south-west.
    • She and her husband moved to the south-west from Largs, where she was a Red Cross nurse, four years ago.
    • Last week a team of experts, led by representatives from the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, found themselves in the remote south-west of China, alongside some of the country's top botanists.
    • The manufacture of chocolate in France was, historically, associated with the port of Bayonne in the south-west, although other towns now practise this.
    • I live in the south-west of England in a small seaside town of approximately 12,000 people.
    • Glastonbury, a small town in the south-west of England, is considered significant by a variety of religious groups and spiritual seekers.
    • This region is split by the Gironde river, in the south-west of France.
    • Geographically, the death rate was highest in the rural south-west, and lowest around the big cities, where many men worked in industries essential to the war effort.
    • As the flight to Christmas Island leaves from Perth, we'd decided to have a few days in the south-west after the Christmas Island trip.
    • The south-west's economy continued to grow at an impressive rate in April.
    • After a bumpy end to our four and a half hour flight to Paphos in the south-west of the island, we were faced with torrential rain, gale force winds and the kind of temperatures we hoped we'd left behind in Ireland.
    • The south-west of Dublin remains the favoured location for firms seeking industrial property because of its proximity to the country's main roads.
    • This orange-gold spirit, made from a blend of white grapes, hails from a small region in the south-west of France.
    • The type of rain will match those falls recorded early in April when just such a system brought the first good rains to the south-west and the south.
    • The south-west remains the dominant area in terms of supply and take-up in the capital, followed by the north-west.
    • The south-west of England is saturated with livestock farmers, and has about 15 to 20 per cent of Britain's livestock.
    • Bucking the trend, however, is Armagnac, France's lesser-known brandy from the Gascony region in the south-west.
    • The south-west is also an area of great religious importance.
    • The south-west has had a lot of land clearing, the centre has not.
    • The south-west employs 279,000 people in manufacturing, but is losing an average 7,000 jobs a year.


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    (invariable adjective) sudoeste
    (invariable adjective) suroeste
    del sudoeste
    del suroeste


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    hacia el sudoeste
    hacia el suroeste
    en dirección sudoeste
    en dirección suroeste