Translation of souvenir in Spanish:


recuerdo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsuvəˈnɪr//ˌsuːvəˈnɪə/


  • 1

    recuerdo masculine
    souvenir masculine
    souvenir of sth recuerdo de algo masculine
    • I kept the menu as a souvenir guardé el menú de recuerdo
    • However, sales of souvenirs, books and maps were up on 2002.
    • We do not need or desire souvenirs from events that are repeatable.
    • The tartan, whatever it is, will provide a souvenir when he departs Scotland in June.
    • The centenary souvenirs will be on sale at home matches and have so far been selling well.
    • Light music was played throughout the evening and key chain souvenirs were given out to the visitors on that day.
    • Even if you don't own a bird, these splendid cages make for unusual and decorative souvenirs with a distinctively Chinese look.
    • Afterwards they can take home their video recordings as souvenirs of their memorable performances.
    • Sometimes we hear complaints that some souvenir shops sell mass produced souvenirs often made outside New Zealand.
    • Across the street was a post office, so I took advantage and mailed my first batch of souvenirs home.
    • The Denver station has a large waiting room, a store for souvenirs and a snack bar.
    • I had packed up a box of gifts and souvenirs to ship home, so we went to the post office.
    • And afterwards they gave him the ball as a souvenir and a producer took him to see the control room.
    • Officers have been on hand at university events giving away cups, bottle openers and other souvenirs with logos reminding them how to keep safe.
    • This shop now has a wonderful stock of gifts, souvenirs, music books, songbooks and instrument manuals.
    • I'm currently awaiting a shipment of curios and other souvenirs for the gift shop.
    • There will be special quiz shows and the winners will be awarded with souvenirs to remind them of their participation in the fiesta.
    • The eggshells are used to produce souvenirs and lamps, which have had great popularity with the Austrian consumer.
    • It is also hoped to have a few short races for tiny tots and all will receive special souvenirs of their first outing.
    • Despite the fact that these books were written in Mandarin Chinese, patrons still took the books home as souvenirs.
    • The company, selected through bids, should provide ready made food and drinks, souvenirs and ferry tickets at two points.