Translation of sovereignty in Spanish:


dominio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɒvrɪnti//ˈsɑv(ə)rən(t)i/


  • 1

    (control, rule)
    dominio masculine
    soberanía feminine
    • She said that women desire control and sovereignty over their husbands.
    • There are certain things that you must not do to me without my consent and this fact gives me a kind of sovereignty over my life that you cannot legitimately invade or diminish.
    • France, Portugal and Greece allegedly have reservations about ceding national sovereignty over their airspace.
    • His life and his death taught all those that knew him of God's wisdom, grace, sovereignty and power.
    • People have a right to sovereignty over their own bodies - even teenagers.
    • The decision to have a child is a fundamental question of sovereignty over your own body, and a decision that no-one else has any right to make.
    • The Republic of Fiji Military Forces was established to defend the nation's territorial sovereignty.
    • God's absolute sovereignty in history, cosmic and personal, is the greatest comfort to Christian believers.
    • Illegal immigration threatens our sovereignty, our security, reverence for the rule of law.
    • A head of state must defend his or her country's sovereignty.
    • Westphalian sovereignty is violated when external actors influence or determine domestic authority structures.
    • For these reasons, many modern Austrian economists reject the doctrine of consumer sovereignty.
    • Her pondering presumes a regal power, a lingering vestige of an era when sovereignty resided not in the people but in the monarch.
    • Parliamentary sovereignty means that Parliament can, if it chooses, legislate contrary to fundamental principles of human rights.
    • The president said that foreign relations were the most important symbol of a nation's independent sovereignty.
    • Bakhtin does not attribute to the real author anything like sovereignty over the discourse he or she produces.
    • Full national sovereignty was regained in 1992 with the evacuation of most of the Soviet troops stationed in Poland.
    • It was more than a legitimisation of sovereignty by Brahmanical ritual; it was an assertion of supreme sovereignty.
    • Republican architecture became a proud symbol of Dominican sovereignty.
    • No international authority has any authority over us which diminishes our sovereignty.
    • Here was the judicial reconciliation of Parliamentary sovereignty with the supremacy of EC law.
    • The treaty grants Britain sovereignty over the sites in perpetuity.
    • Many of the world's developing countries were formerly under the sovereignty of a colonial power.
    • The Government has the right to regulate and the sovereignty of Parliament is assured.
    • The individualistic credo grants each of us sovereignty over what we choose as the best kind of life.
    • Restoration of that country's sovereignty would lead willy-nilly to the arrival of democracy there.
    • In 1657 Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, gained full sovereignty over the duchy.
    • Consumer sovereignty meant the greatest freedom of choice for individuals via the widest provision of alternative broadcast goods.
    • Neither Spain nor Guatemala ever exercised effective sovereignty over the area.
    • The sovereignty of this Parliament is the one thing that underpins everything about this country.
    • With the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia, the legal basis for the concept of national sovereignty was established.
    • At some point under our system we have to assert parliamentary sovereignty against judicial activism.
    • The two occupying powers cared little for the country's sovereignty and well-being.
    • As a political system, democracy starts with the assumption of popular sovereignty, vesting ultimate power in the people.
    • We no longer had sovereignty over our own credit, currency, and related banking affairs.
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    soberanía feminine