Translation of Soviet in Spanish:


soviético, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈsəʊvɪət//ˈsoʊviət//ˈsɒvɪət/


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    Soviet Russia la Unión Soviética
    • There are a host of displays, including radar technology and even Soviet equipment.
    • There were already strong hints that the Polish army would be used rather than Soviet tanks.
    • Gorbachev had hoped to achieve a restructuring of Soviet society and especially of the communist party.
    • Ukraine and the other former Soviet republics believe they can meet these criteria.
    • Vietnam invaded Cambodia, consolidating Soviet hegemony over all of Indochina.
    • I must admit to enjoying it, particularly its stridently progressivist Soviet tone.
    • In the battle of Stalingrad one million Soviet soldiers were to meet their end.
    • At that time, some argued for containment and deterrence as the remedy for Soviet hostility.
    • He showed resolve over Berlin but was not uncompromising in response to Soviet pressure.
    • The issue is further complicated by the lack of regulation on property rights in Soviet times.
    • Mass terror and purges were not intrinsic to Soviet rule, as was clear after Stalin's death.
    • Instead, Ivan's hero status affords him special privileges in Soviet society.
    • The hotel, which offers sweeping views of the city, survived a decade of Soviet invasion.
    • As most of the research was done in hitherto secret Soviet archives, there seems little doubt of its accuracy.
    • The precise number held in Soviet prisons during that period has become a matter of guesswork.
    • The beach is deserted but for a stubborn few, and this Soviet edifice is now but a window to a bygone era.
    • Stalin wanted to extend Soviet influence and control over as much of Europe as possible.
    • He was among many Soviet dissidents who fought not just for political liberty but for national rights.
    • Uranium was extracted and milled for Soviet weapons in all its countries.
    • After the war, he joined Soviet intelligence and rose within the ranks of the KGB.
    • Yet Grass was wrong on the big questions, especially his reluctance to face down the Soviets.
    • His father was a village school teacher but during the war he enlisted and was taken prisoner by the Soviets.
    • Nor can we be said to have pure capitalism anymore than the Soviets had pure communism.
    • Like the Soviets, they achieve equality not by lifting everyone up but by keeping everyone down.
    • In the face of such toughness, the Soviets capitulated and released the five British arrested.
    • As the western allies quickly demobilised after the war, the opposite was the case with the Soviets.
    • During the detente era, the Soviets were careful not to give the West too much propaganda ammunition.
    • Even the Soviets, who had sided with the Spanish government against Franco, react coolly.
    • Much to the CIA's satisfaction, he helped to defeat the Soviets in the early Nineties.
    • The Soviets had only just taken the city of Lublin, 140 kilometres south-east of Warsaw.
    • So far both the Soviets and the Americans were pushing their agenda in Kashmir.
    • The Soviets reportedly found one of two black boxes, but released no details.
    • The Soviets may have put the first satellite in orbit but the U.S. was the first to put a man on the moon.
    • She never disguised her contempt for the left and in particular the Soviets.
    • The Soviets on the other hand were too poor to fight and had too much to lose.
    • Canada was a prime target for the Soviets because of its energy links to the U.S.
    • After the war the Soviets moved in and signs of its Communist past still exist in its many tower blocks.
    • In fact, the Soviets defeated more than three times as many German divisions as their western allies.
    • Some forty years ago, the Soviets took the bull by the horns and launched Yuri Gagarin into space.
    • It is very hard to argue that the Soviets were given the credit they were due for their sacrifices and sheer heroism.
    • Legislative power, for its part, was vested in the USSR Supreme Soviet and in the constituent soviets of the republics.
    • By mistake, an order from the Petrograd Soviet establishing its authority over the Petrograd garrison was sent to the whole army, with the result that officers had to consult local soldiers' soviets before giving orders.
    • Local soviets met rarely and at irregular intervals, betraying their subordinate position to their Executive Committees.
    • It was only during the Gorbachev era that a pyramid of councils, or soviets, from the central authority to those at local village and neighborhood level, were given anything more than a symbolic or ritualistic role.
    • Legislative powers belonged to the Supreme Soviet and its counterparts in the Union Republics.

Translation of soviet in Spanish:


jerarca soviético, n.


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    jerarca soviético masculine
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    soviet masculine