Translation of space in Spanish:


espacio, n.

Pronunciation: /speɪs//speɪs/


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    • 1.1Physics

      espacio masculine
      time and space tiempo y espacio
      • to stare into space mirar al vacío
      • he sat staring into space estaba sentado con la mirada perdida
      • However, his work made people rethink old ideas and led to new approaches to the fundamental concepts of space and time.
      • He had weekly meetings with her and at her request he entered into dispute with Leibniz over the nature of space and time.
      • It does not have the same kind of reality as individuals have, for each of them is a substance, existing in space.
      • Furthermore, could we explore the idea of the body as a dynamic nonlinear hologram existing within a fractal space?
      • Dance is an art form that exists simultaneously in space and time.
      • Where these lines converge, there is a tunnel that opens up and moves through space and time into other dimensions.
      • These are equations involving the rate of change of quantities either in time, or in space, or in both, and are a part of calculus.
      • Anything that exists within space is by definition finite, no matter how big it gets.
      • It is not love of a real homeland that exists in time and space.
      • In life, we exist in space and time: time moves forwards with cause and effect, and we physically move around with our bodies.
      • It makes my head go dizzy, like when trying to imagine the universe and the concept of infinite space.
      • Law is one such labyrinth, a concept or abstraction like time, space, or identity, devised to create order out of chaos.
      • I'm particularly interested in the geometry, but it is also about recording how people move through space.
      • This has involved studies of supersymmetry and, most recently, extra dimensions of space.
      • Eventually the aesthetics cancel each other out and it's just about bodies moving through space.
      • We are familiar with three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension of time.
      • In this way, the bodies of the dancers become linked to the concepts of space, time and transcendence.

    • 1.2Aerospace

      espacio masculine
      (station/program/vehicle) (before noun) espacial
      the conquest of space la conquista del espacio
      • space exploration exploración espacial
      • space industry industria espacial
      • space invaders marcianitos
      • space platform estación espacial
      • space science ciencia espacial
      • space scientist científica espacial
      • For instance, consider the problem of launching a vehicle from Earth into space.
      • His first extended mission in space was a stay aboard Mir in 1988.
      • The view of our own planet from space is quite literally out of this world.
      • The space around the Earth is more dangerous than scientists thought, according to new research.
      • Patrick talks to Dr Duncan Steel about the threat of objects in space colliding with Earth.
      • Here on Earth and out in space, communications would seem to be important if we need to defend ourselves from enemies.
      • The Aurora is able to fly from the atmosphere into space and then return to Earth.
      • But he was ignored because of his wild ideas, like the proposition that life came to Earth from space.
      • She made it possible for further studies to enable Man to step off his home planet and survive in space.
      • In space, as on Earth, there is no such thing as a free lunch - not to mention a free launch.
      • In the future as in the present, humanity still yearns to reach out into space and explore the stars.
      • Apparently Turkey is planning to send a rocket into space and explore a planet, by 2014.
      • But the next big area up for grabs is space, and whoever dominates space will dominate the planet.
      • Simply put, a space elevator is a revolutionary way of getting from Earth into space.
      • If this is the true shape of the universe, it means space is finite.

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    • 2.1(room)

      espacio masculine
      sitio masculine
      lugar masculine
      leave some space for dessert deja un lugarcito para el postre
      • to take up space ocupar espacio
      • advertising space espacio publicitario
      • Adequate and free parking space is another big boon for shoppers who throng these stores.
      • So he was driving around looking for a free car parking space.
      • Now, the only available space for me to set up my staging area was off in the corner of the main room.
      • The site is currently a public car park with space for about 40 cars.
      • The block has two science labs, a prep room and two more classrooms, freeing up useful space which will be used for other purposes.
      • The space freed up by relocating and improving the fracture clinic will be used to enlarge the area.
      • He pointed out that the council had not provided one extra parking space.
      • Not only are there numerous musicians to choose from, but there are also benefits such as free rehearsal space.
      • Tents and holiday homes stand on their own grassy plots, spread around a large area, and each has space to park a car in front.
      • Allocating wardrobes to another area frees up more space in the bedroom itself, so there is room for larger beds.
      • The scheme will include a widening of Cemetery Road, new signage and additional car parking space.
      • It is hoped that this will ease congestion in the town and free up some parking space.
      • This door opens to a great expanse of space where the family room is.
      • Her one-year-old sister loved the floors too - a vast, smooth expanse of crawling space.
      • I think that at least part of the building - and its immediate area - should become a free public space.
      • Entry on the day is free but space will be limited, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.
      • Its aim is to increase patient satisfaction by reducing the length of stay in hospital and to free bed space for other patients.
      • Outside, the front garden features a large lawn, a tiled patio area and space to park a fleet of cars.
      • There will also be a new main entrance, landscaping and more car parking space.
      • Two windows at the front of the house were knocked into one and a wall was removed to free up space.

    • 2.2(empty area)

      espacio masculine
      wide open spaces amplios espacios abiertos
      • in a confined space en un espacio restringido
      • fill in the spaces with the answers escriba las respuestas en los espacios en blanco
      • is there a space for this in the case? ¿hay lugar para esto en la maleta?
      • a parking space un sitio / lugar para estacionar
      • watch this space for further developments los mantendremos informados
      • let's clear a space for it first hagámosle (un) sitio primero

    • 2.3(for individual self-expression)

      espacio vital masculine
      • Freedom and space in relationships and partnerships brings out the best in you.
      • You opt for freedom in relationships and space in work situations today.
      • That's the sort of space Blake needs to develop his ideas exhaustively with cogency and imagination.
      • You seek freedom and space in a romantic involvement and make bold manoeuvres towards a new way of life.
      • No character is here just to provide a punch line, with everyone being given enough space to develop and grow.
      • Then there's the question of allowing the talent time and space to develop.
      • They need space and freedom to run their units and develop as independent leaders.
      • We don't give ourselves enough space and freedom to explore, to make mistakes, and to find out who we really are.
      • A steady routine which offers much in the way of security but little in the way of space and freedom is odious to you
      • You may feel oppressed by people in control and a lack of freedom and space to be creative.
      • We, in our everyday lives often lack the freedom and space for the spiritual and the eternal.
      • I am a growing and blossoming young woman and I need my space and freedom to grow.
      • He tried to play down his importance to the team, saying he is still young and needs space to develop.

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    (of time)
    espacio masculine
    within a short space of time en un breve lapso
    • in the space of one hour en el espacio / lapso de una hora
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    espacio masculine

transitive verb

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    space the words/letters evenly espacie las palabras/las letras uniformemente